Weekly Workouts March 5th -11th

Thoughts about working out when sick:

I often think that getting sick is a sign from my body to take a break and take some rest. It’s a great time to get some extra sleep I’ve been neglecting. When I have a cold I like to take a few days off to give my body a chance to recover, and to be polite and not get others sick. Working out is a major stressor on the body so it has a harder time fighting off a cold, than if your body is only working to get healthy. If I do really want to workout while I’m sick then I just walk on the treadmill.

This week I started getting a cold on Wednesday and ended up taking Thursday – Sunday completely off from the gym. I think taking this time off is also good so that I don’t get burnt out from my workouts. Any little bit of soreness is gone so I’ll be able to have some great workouts this week. I’ll be restarting the week of my program that I was on.

Workouts this week:

Monday: complete off day


  • Squat: 150# 5×7
  • Deadlift 185# 5×5 (this made me so sore!)


  • Bench: 105# 5×5
  • Shoulder Press: 65# 4×8
    • Superset: Lateral raise 5# 4×8

Thursday-Sunday: complete off day

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