Full Body – Kettlebell Workout


Sometimes it’s hard to do a workout with different equipment when the gym is crowded. I’ve learned how to complete different exercises with the same piece of equipment so I don’t have to wait for someone else to finish up their workout. This workout only uses a kettlebell, but you can substitute always substitute a dumbbell.


  • 5 minute walk/jog on the treadmill to get the blood flowing
  • KB (kettlebell) Squat with curtsey lunge (see video here )
  • KB upright row 4×12
  • KB row 4×12
  • KB bench press 4×12
  • KB straight leg deadlift 4×12
  • KB overhead tricep 4×12
    • superset KB bicep curl 4×12
  • KB russian twists 4×20

KB Upright Row: you want to lead with your elbows

KB row: keep your body as still as possible and use your lats to pull the weight back

KB Straight Leg Deadlift: this targets your hamstrings, so really focus on feeling the movement in your hamstrings. Keep your leg as straight as possible when you go down. Video of this movement is on my instagram

KB tricep extension: try and keep your elbows from flaring out to the side; you can also do this with two dumbbells to make it more challenging

KB Russian twists: these are great for targeting your obliques

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