Weekly Workouts 1/15-1/21

My main workout goal is to get stronger, so my training program reflects that. I’m on a progressive overload program that Jon formulated for me. Progressive overload is when you continue to increase the stress on the body over time. The first week of the program has three sets, and each consecutive week adds one set to my lifts that day. The reps always stay the same throughout the program. This allows me to get used to the weight over time while my muscles are under increased stress with the additional set each week.

Every week I do an “As Many Reps As Possible” set, which tests if I have gotten stronger. The more reps that I can do in the AMRAP compared to last week the better. Once I’m able to do a specified number of reps during the AMRAP, I can increase the weight I use by 5 pounds. Ultimately, I will stay on this program for a few months and then be ready to test my one rep maximums and reach my strength goals for the year (See here). Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to go more in detail with my training program.

This past week I was on week four of the program and had to do six sets of each lift. It was tough! Next week I will go back to the first week with three sets, which will be a nice deload for me. (I’ll talk about the benefits of a deload next week)

Monday 1/15: Off day


  • Squat 165 5×3 (this felt like 500 pounds)
  • Calves (so sore the next day)


  • Bench 110 5×3, AMRAP 4
  • Tricep accessory movements
  • Incline Bench Press: 65 4×8


  • Incline walk for one hour – fasted


  • Deadlift: 205 5×2, AMRAP 3
  • Squat: 155 6×5


  • Bench 105 6×5
  • Shoulder press: 65 5×5
  • T Bar Press: 10 4/8
    • Superset: Plate raise: 25 4×8


  • Squat 165 5×3, AMRAP 4
  • Reverse lunge: 65 4×16 (8 per leg)
  • Straight leg deadlift: 95 5×8

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