First Michigan Visit of 2018

It wouldn’t be a weekend together without a flight delay. Jon’s flight was originally scheduled for 5:30pm, but he got delayed until around 9:30. We usually get delayed flying from NYC to Detroit since the airports have so much traffic. I don’t think either of us has had a flight where it wasn’t delayed at least one way. We were so excited to see each other when he finally landed around 10:45. Fun fact: I was so nervous/excited the first time I picked up Jon from the airport that I went to the wrong terminal.

On Saturday morning we watched This Is Us while we had our coffee and breakfast. This is always my favorite way to start the day with some coffee and a great TV show. Our favorite breakfast is oats and eggs.

We went to Lifetime Fitness for a squat and deadlift workout that can be seen here. The workout took us about two hours and we were pretty hangry at the end. We are both on the same program, but I’m a week behind Jon so I have more sets.

We went to Meijer and Kroger afterwards to get ingredients for our no-bake cheesecake. We had to find a no-bake recipe because our oven stopped working. I will post a recipe on the blog once we have a working oven and try the recipe, we’ve been on a quest to make this for a long time now. Jon got the oven to turn on and we were so excited to be able to make our recipe, but then it turned off again later in the day.


We went to downtown Plymouth and tried to go to Barrio, but the wait was three hours long and we couldn’t risk hanger. We walked to see the ice festival, but didn’t stay too long because it was so cold. It’s pretty amazing how people can create these sculptures. My favorite was the dog, but they were all really cool.

img_2037img_2038img_2039We went to Rusty Bucket for dinner and both got the Baja Fish Tacos and they were very good, that’s my go-to when I eat there. It was a nice little date night.

On Sunday we watched more This Is Us before having breakfast and getting ready for the gym. We went to the YMCA because Lifetime only allows a guest to go once every 60 days #lame We both benched and then finished with some accessory arm movements.

We went to Trader Joe’s afterwards and were in and out in ten minutes. Usually it takes us 30+ mins when we are in NYC because they’re so crowded and overwhelming. We got some ground turkey and guacamole. I made some healthy nachos and Jon made some burritos (Guilt Free Nachos)

On Monday Jon hung out with me and read while I worked all day. His flight got delayed again; he has the worst luck flying. It’s never easy saying good bye, but thankfully he will be back in a week for my graduation. We are trying to take advantage of all the weekends we can before I get busy with tax season and he starts his new job. One positive of not being able to see each other every day is that we truly cherish the time that we have together.

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