Holland Ridge Farm U-Pick Tulips

Hi friends, welcome back! I have a colorful tulip extravaganza post for you today. Jon and I recently visited Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ about an hour and a half drive from NYC. This is largest U-Pick farm in the US and it spans 300 acres with over eight million tulips in the spring, and millions of sunflowers in the fall. Admission costs $13 a person for everyone over two, and you can pick unlimited stems for $1 each. The farm also has a feeding zoo, food trucks, pony rides, bakery, merchandise shop, and a complimentary shuttle running throughout the farm. Holland Ridge Farms is the perfect spring spot for everyone and we had the best time tip-toeing through the tulips 🙂

This family farm was created by the Jansen family to share their love of Dutch culture and tulips with the world. The Jansens have been in the tulip business for over 100 years starting with their Great Opa Casey in Holland. His son came to America as a teenager and began a tulip company after learning the tricks of the trade from his father. They pride themselves on their high quality, fresh, and extremely colorful tulips and now deliver to supermarkets on the east coast and ship nationally. In 2018 the Jansen family found the land for Holland Ridge Farms and created a version of the famous Holland tulips in New Jersey. Their slogan is “Don’t fly to Holland drive to Holland”.

All of the bulbs come from trusted farmers in Holland so that they are of the highest quality. We got lucky and had tickets for the prime weekend to see the tulips in all their glory.

Holland Ridge Farms was so beautiful and I loved walking through the seemingly endless rows of color! Hopefully one day I’ll make it to Holland to see their tulip fields, but until then this is an incredible alternative!

Jon and I took a break at the food trucks and bought some freshly made stroopwafels from Stroopies and cheesesteak soft pretzels from Twisted Steaks. Stoopies is a Lancaster, PA company that’s mission is to give meaningful employment to refugees while creating a delicious product. We tried the s’mores, salted caramel (my favorite!), and the original freshly heated up and they tasted incredible! If you love stroopwafels and supporting a great cause, I’d highly recommend checking out Stroopies, they ship nationwide and are highly customizable.

I can’t think of a more perfect place to spend a spring afternoon!

I was worried our tulips didn’t make the trip home, but they just needed a little love and water before they were standing proud.

I’d highly recommend making the trip to Holland Ridge Farms during tulip season! This farm is so beautiful and the perfect place to spend a relaxing spring afternoon. The fresh air and wonderful scents made for the perfect day outside the city 🙂

32 thoughts on “Holland Ridge Farm U-Pick Tulips

  1. What a colorful start to my rainy and gloomy morning! Also, I will be looking for those chocolate stroopwafels!

    1. I feel you! The thunder this morning felt like an earthquake and woke up all of NYC ⛈ they were so delicious 😋

      1. The Freedom Tower got struck by lightning and that’s not far from us. Very wild!

      2. Thanks! It was a little freaky, I haven’t heard thunder that loud

  2. Such vivid colors and meticulous disply . The magenta/orange combo is my favorite – I would’ve taken home a whole pail of those. The stroopwafel reminds me of the Italian pizzelle, only with more substance. Flowers and food – looked like the perfect way to spend a spring weekend!

    1. I didn’t know New Jersey could be so pretty 😂 the magenta/orange is so pretty, it was hard not picking all of them. I do love pizzelles, these do look like them but with a lot of delicious caramel. It was the perfect day, minus the sunburn 😅

    1. The sun always finds me. The day before I was walking and I wore long sleeves and a hat and put on spf, but I must’ve missed my neck and the sun found my weakest link. But I got burned again at the tulips 🤦🏻‍♀️ I really try to not get sun, but it inevitably finds me.

  3. For a while back in the 1970’s one of my sisters lived near here. They didn’t have the farm going at the time nearby; all of the farms were private and not open like this. As soon as I saw Cream Ridge I had to look it up and I think her home was on the other side of 526. I’d love to visit there now – that is a beautiful place.

    1. How neat! I’d never heard of the city before, but the farm has really put it on the map! They just closed down for the tulip season but you’ll definitely have to see the farm and see what your sisters house looks like now 😃

  4. Awesome post Lyssy. Just like being in the Netherlands, including the stroopwaffels. I hope to get back to Amsterdam some day. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday. Allan

    1. Thank you! They left no detail out at Holland Ridge Farms. I hope you can get back to Amsterdam too. I bet you could spend hours and hours taking pictures of the tulips.

    1. Such a gorgeous place! It was hard not to bring every tulip home with us 🙂

    1. They did a great job recreating the famous tulip fields! Hope to see the real one at some point 🙂

      1. You’ll love it, the park itself is like paradise, the fields around it tend to be overcrowded like all good sites nowadays.

  5. Such beautiful, cheerful images! I love that you can pick something locally grown and make a nice day out of it. We need that sort of experience sometimes, good for the soul!

  6. It does look like a perfect spot to spend an afternoon! The tulips are gorgeous, and you took such good shots of the flowers. I like that you can pick up a few stems and bring some of that colour and loveliness home.

    1. Thank you! I was very dedicated to getting some good angles 🙂 We had a lot of fun picking tulips, although we probably should’ve picked them on our way out so they had the best chance to live haha

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