NYC Christmas Decor Master List – Part One

Hi friends, welcome back! Similar to last holiday season, I’m rounding up all the festive spots around the city that didn’t quite make the cut of earning their own blog post, but deserve an honorable mention. I’m breaking my list into two posts and today’s post will feature everything below 14th Street. Before Thanksgiving I made a master list of trees and spots to see, and it kept growing throughout the season! NYC really went all out this year and I made it my mission to see it all. I’ve got a few new spots this year so I hope you enjoy the festiveness!

I’m starting this post with the tree in my apartment building because I think it’s beautiful and I walk by it every time I leave my apartment in search of Christmas decor.

In my opinion, the Wall Street Christmas tree is the prettiest in the city. I think it’s so beautiful with the twinkling lights and hints of blue. There‘s also hardly ever a crowd here and you can get as close to the tree as you want. The New York Stock Exchange lights up red and green for the season and is adorned with its own pretty decorations. We live two blocks from this, so we are lucky to see this tree all the time.

Trinity church, where Alexander Hamilton is buried, also looks beautiful with the garland on the fence. The scaffolding is finally down so we can have a better view this year.

The Exchange Building has a beautifully decorated lobby.

The Bowling Green tree right behind the famous Charging Bull is a cute little tree that never gets much attention.

The Seaport District tree majestically greets visitors to this charming area of NYC. The boat masts that are part of the museum are lit to look like a Christmas tree, and they added a skating rink this year for even more fun.

Zuccotti Park shines with all the lit trees and this year they added a little holiday market.

The Oculus (Westfield WTC) brought back their festive decor, and as I was taking pictures someone offered to take mine so I said sure, why not!

These giant trees are in the offices overlooking the Freedom Tower.

FDNY Ladder Co. 10 has a nice remembrance tree for 9/11.

The park overlooking the Freedom Tower has a beautiful tree and festive reindeer.

Brookfield Place always looks nice and festive. They have a luminary show on the ceiling, but it was a bit of a letdown because it only lasted two minutes. On the harbor there’s ice skating with views of the Statue of Liberty. When it’s warmer, this is our favorite spot to enjoy coffee on the weekend.


Essex Market hosted the world’s largest gingerbread collection of over 700 houses. This exhibit has over 4,000 pounds of candy and 1,000 pounds of gingerbread.

Public Hotel has a neat disco ball tree I stopped by to see.

We had a few drinks at Miracle on 9th Street and I got the chance to wear my festive Christmas sweater that I think is adorable. I got it for $3 at a resale shop and I just know a nice little grandma used to love it before me.

The Washington Square Park tree is always beautiful under the arch. I didn’t make it this year to see it at night, but this picture is form 2019.

I made this video of my top five favorite spots from the list 🙂

That wraps up part one! Which one is your favorite?



31 thoughts on “NYC Christmas Decor Master List – Part One

  1. So nice to see all these familiar sights decorated for Christmas. We always said we would go back one Christmas but have not made it yet. Always good good when someone offers to snap your photo. My favourite is the Wall Street tree that stands on its own. Thanks for sharing Lyssy. Allan

    1. Glad you enjoyed, you’ll have to make it back for Christmas one year, it’s truly magical! My friend lives right above the Wall Street tree and can see it out her living room window. It’s so pretty with the twinkling lights.

  2. That is a very cute and chic sweater, Lyssy. The Wall Street Christmas tree is my favourite of the ones featured here. The hues of blue make it stand out for me. NYC certainly takes the holiday season seriously.

    1. Thank you, it will probably last me until I’m an old lady too 🙂 The Wall Street tree is so pretty and dazzling. NYC doesn’t mess around at Christmas, that’s for sure!

  3. So many wonderful and festive sights in the city! I can not get over that beautiful tree right in your very own apartment building.

  4. This is a pretty comprehensive list of places around the city to enjoy the Christmas decor. It’s hard to believe that it’s only part one! NYC really goes all out around the holidays. I love it.

    1. It’s amazing how many decorations there are over NYC! Every lobby has their own tree so the list really could be endless, it’s awesome!!

  5. The barrel vault of The Exchange building is stunning, with or without decorations. It must be something to walk through there every day to work. Would’ve been my favorite photo if not for the Essex Market gingerbread collection. Seriously, where do so many creations come from – a competition? They all look like winners (which says something about my own house-making abilities ha).

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