Rockefeller Christmas Tree & Saks Light Show 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! It doesn’t get more iconic this time of year than the Saks Light Show and Rockefeller Christmas Tree. It’s my favorite spot in the city to be around Christmastime, as with most people.

This years tree is a Norway Spruce from Queensbury, NY. It’s 85 feet tall, 50 feet wide, and weighs over 14 tons. It’s estimated the tree is between 85-90 years old and it’s adorned with over 50,000 multi-colored LED lights spanning 5 miles.

The Swarovski star tree topper was introduced in 2018 and is over 9 feet tall and weighs over 900 pounds. There are 70 spikes with over 3 million crystals. It’s dazzling!

The tree lighting ceremony was on November 30th, but we didn’t attend this year. If you want to know what it’s like to be on the ice rink when the tree is lit for the season, you can read about it here. We enjoyed watching the last few minutes of the show from our comfy couch.

This view never gets old, but it’s quite the fight to get at night with the crowds.

I always like to have one last moment with the tree and enjoy the area with my coffee. The crowds are relatively minimal in the morning, so it’s pretty calm. At night it’s pure chaos, but so magical. Starbucks missed the memo with the lack of festive cups.

Across the street from Rockefeller is Saks Fifth Avenue with their famous light show. Elton John teamed up with Saks this year to support his AIDS Foundation, The Rocket Fund, and performed at the opening night show. The show kicked off on November 22nd featuring music from Elton John alongside over 600,000 lights on the 10-story Fifth Avenue exterior.

The show lasts 3 minutes and is played every ten minutes from 4:30pm to 11:35pm. It includes the songs “Step Into Christmas,” “Cold Heart PNAU Remix,” “Your Song” and “Merry Christmas”. I loved the light show this year, it was a great combination of songs and colors. If you happen to be in NYC the next few weeks you can catch the show until January 3rd.

The windows theme this year is special gifts from years past in collaboration with The Rocket Fund. This can be seen most literally with the rockets in the window.

Rockefeller, Saks, and NYC are such a magical place to visit at Christmastime. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you all get the chance to see it in person one day! I’ve got a few more Christmas posts left, so stay tuned 🙂

28 thoughts on “Rockefeller Christmas Tree & Saks Light Show 2022

    1. So beautiful!! I had 3 weeks to see everything and that didn’t feel like enough haha, but one week would be perfect to see the top sights.

  1. My boys and I read a book about the Rockefeller tree years ago and I learned a lot more about how the tree actually makes it into the city! I know I’ve been in the city this time of year and have seen it before but somehow I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Sak’s light show. That sounds like so much fun!!

    1. It is very interesting the journey and all the work to get it ready for Christmas! The Sak’s light show is so much fun! I also love that they change it each year too so it’s always fun to see.

    2. This was my first thought as well: how does a tree that big make it through the streets of Manhattan to its final resting place? How is it removed when all is said and done? Must be a coordinated effort with a lot of resources (middle of the night?). As with last year’s post, those giant angels grab my attention too. I would love to see them move a bit and/or play their trumpets.

    1. Everything does look prettier with a dusting of snow, although it’s nice getting pics when my fingers aren’t frozen haha 🙂

  2. NYC does Christmas up right with all the lights and shows. The tree and tree topper are amazing. How do they keep the tree topper from toppling given its weight. Thanks for showing us the Christmas Magic Lyssy. Allan

    1. NYC does Christmas up right for sure! It is an amazing tree and topper. That is a good question how they keep it up, maybe they keep the crowds away just in case. Glad you’re enjoying the Christmas Magic 🙂

    1. Thank you!! It is a very festive hat, I have a green and grey one too, but red was best for the occasion 🙂

    1. It is a huge tree! Hard to get in selfies because it’s so big haha. The light show is so fun to watch! It’s amazing how people can create it.

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