NYC Christmas Decor Master List – Part Two

Hi friends, welcome back to part two of my NYC Christmas decor roundup. If you missed part one you can catch up here. Today’s post covers everything north of Union Square (Fourteenth Street) that is worth seeing, but not enough to make a full post. I hope this brings some holiday spirit to your day 🙂

Chelsea Market always looks festive, I went at 8:30am during the week to avoid the crowds. They changed it up a little, but I’m glad they kept the string lights.


The Meatpacking District also has these cute snowmen again.

The Union Square holiday market is fun to walk through if the crowds aren’t too bad. I try to avoid this area on the weekends because you can hardly move, and the lines for the food stands are quite long.

Madison Square Park has a tree that I have yet to make it back to at night, maybe next year!

Grand Central is covered in classic garland inside and a giant wreath on the exterior.

The NYPL lions are adorned in festive wreaths. There is usually a giant tree inside, but due to construction they didn’t put it up again this year.

I love these Bloomberg trees, I don’t think many people know about them, but I think they’re beautiful! They sparkle and look so nice with the red and green lights on the buildings.

Times Square has snow globes of some of the most popular shows and a little holiday market.

The Fox & Friends tree looking patriotic on Sixth Avenue.

This tree at 1221 Avenue of the Americas is new this year and looks pretty neat!

Radio City is a must during Christmastime.

The Pierre Hotel’s ornaments lighting up Fifth Avenue.

The Mark Hotel looks like a real life gingerbread house, you can even stop by for some expensive hot chocolate.

The Townhomes on 76th Street look very elegant and ready for Christmas.

The tree across from Lincoln Center is adorned with hand painted ornaments from a local pottery studio.

Columbus Circle Mall has their color-changing ornaments and holiday market.

Hard to believe it, but that wraps up my NYC Christmas blog posts!! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along and that these posts have made your day a little more cheery 🙂 If you need more NYC Christmas spots, be sure to check out my NYC Christmas Bucket List.

20 thoughts on “NYC Christmas Decor Master List – Part Two

  1. Thanks for all your efforts in bringing us these tours Lyssy. You certainly covered a lot of ground, but unwrapping these places must be like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. You are excited to see what each place will bring. Have a great Christmas. Allan

    1. My pleasure!! I do feel like a kid on Christmas morning when they start decorating the city. I’m not sure how many more Christmas’s we’ll be living in the city so I’m trying to make the most of it while I can. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to hear that!! You definitely need to spend time near Christmas in NYC one year. Merry Christmas to you and Mike too!!

  2. Another beautiful roundup of Christmassey delights Lyssy. My favourites are those incredible Bloomberg trees (good find) and those starry ornaments at Columbus Circle Mall.

  3. It is looking great as always! Did the French Christmas market return? I think they set up the Christmas before the pandemic. It was going to originally be a yearly thing and a way to interest people in traveling to different regions of France as I understood it. If not, maybe it is a casualty of the pandemic.

  4. Radio City is my favourite but I also love the Bloomberg trees and of COURSE have to be biased to Avenue of the Americas given my office 🙂 New York sure knows how to do Christmas

  5. I am really impressed at how New York does the holiday season! It looks like everyone really embraces it there, and that is so beautiful! I also love the snow globes in Times Square, they look magical. Happy Holidays Lyssy!!!

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