The Ultimate NYC Christmas Decor List 2021 – Part 2

Hi friends, welcome back to part two of my NYC Christmas Decor must-see list! In case you missed it, I shared part one of all the decor below 34th Street here. Today I’m sharing everything I saw above 34th Street all the way up to 76th Street. I had the best time checking out all of the decorations and soaking in all of the holiday cheer. This is my final “NYC” Christmas post, but I have a few more posts to spread some holiday cheer 🙂

Leading off part two, Bryant Park is always one of my favorite spots to spend some time before Christmas.

 New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzmen Building – this library usually has a beautiful Christmas tree, but due to construction the tree wasn’t put up this year. The library showed some holiday cheer with garland inside and lions adorned with wreaths. Grand Central – lots of greenery and wreaths adorn this famous transportation hub

The Helmsley Building lit up in green and red.

Times Square features snow globes honoring the return of Broadway

Rockefeller Treethe biggest, baddest Christmas Tree in NYC

 Saks – this light show is always worth the crowds

 St. Patrick’s Cathedral looking beautiful – I haven’t been inside yet but I’m sure it’s breathtaking

Lotte Palace – sadly the courtyard is under construction so there isn’t a tree this year, but they always have the most beautiful tree. This one is from 2019

News Corp – I saw this patriotic Christmas Tree the day before I saw on the news that somebody burned this tree down!!! I couldn’t believe it! Luckily, the tree was replaced rather quickly. NYC is resilient, especially at Christmas!

Radio City Music Hall – home of the Rockettes. We haven’t seen a show there yet, but it seems like a fun time

These ornaments at 1251 Sixth Avenue are some of the most photographed Christmas Decor in NYC.

These gigantic Candy Canes are across the street from Radio City and the giant orrnaments.

Cartier Building – on Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street always dazzles at Christmastime

Louis Vuitton – this twelve story tree was quite the sight this year

Peninsula Hotel – this is one of my favorite displays in the city.

Bergdorf Goodman always has the best window displays in my opinion

The Plaza Hotel – I finally made it inside this year to see the beautiful tree

Bloomingdales – the window displays are always worth checking out

Bloomberg Tower on 58th and Lexington Ave features a beautiful display of trees and lights

Columbus Circle Holiday Market – this is similar to the Union Square market, but seemingly less crowded. I got a donut here before I walked through Central Park to see the ice rink

The Shops at Columbus Circle – I loved this display of stars that change color

The Town Homes on 64th and 76th Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue decorated for the season. It seems more people decorate for Halloween than Christmas.

Kelly Ripa’s townhouse switched out the Halloween decor for a classic Christmas display.

Last but not least, the Lincoln Square Tree at 64th and Broadway on the Upper West Side.

I’m sure I’m missing 100 more, but I had so much fun seeing all of the trees and soaking in all of the holiday cheer in NYC! What was your favorite Christmas tree or decor spot?

27 thoughts on “The Ultimate NYC Christmas Decor List 2021 – Part 2

  1. Lovely!!! I didn’t know there was a market at Columbus circle! Good to know. I do love Union Square so much. Those stars are super cool. Wondering if lack of Xmas decorations is due to a higher Jewish population in that area? Just a guess. Kelly Ripas place is incredible!!

    1. I think they have the Columbus circle market every year, but this is the first time I’ve gone. That’s a good question, there weren’t many decorations on the upper west side, your theory could be correct. Her place is incredible and half a block from Central Park!

      1. Me too! We watch a lot of million dollar listing New York and YouTube apartment tours 😂

      2. Hahha yes! Ryan serhant does a lot of apartment tours on YouTube and architectural digest too 😂

    1. It is fascinating! They’re having to cancel a lot of shows right now, but hopefully they’ll be back soon!

    1. The city was so amazing this year! I hope they continue with the snow globes next year, they’re so cool and different!

  2. Good to see the city dressed in Christmas best. Looks strag=nge to me with no snow. We have plenty here and more coming. Thanks for showing us all this Christmas spirit Lyssy. Allan

    1. One day when I was taking pictures it was almost 60*F, didn’t really feel like Christmas but at least my fingers weren’t numb. I’m hoping we get some snow so I can finally see Central Park blanketed in white. In three years I have yet to see it on a snowy day. Glad to share some Christmas cheer 🙂

  3. Happy Holidays Lyssy! Thanks for the tour of the NYC Christmas sites. I’ve stayed at a Lotte hotel in South Korea but didn’t know there were any in the U.S. Now I know.😊 Be well! John

    1. Happy Holidays John! Very cool, it seems like a very nice hotel! I used to work across the street from the NYC one and I believe a lot of the foreign diplomats stayed there during UN week. I’m sure it’s pricey, but it looks like a comfy and luxurious place to stay! 🙂

  4. Glad to see the News Corp tree making an appearance (I assume before it was burned down haha!) I also love the NYPL – on my last visit there I went to a talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about why we should all be feminists and absolutely loved it. It’s such a special place. And Grand Central is looking beautiful for Christmas too! 🙂

    1. Haha yes that was right before it burned down, I saw it randomly too. I’m hoping to take a tour of the NYPL this year, when I took my pictures it was the first time I’ve ever been in there. It’s so beautiful! I have lots of fun with my library card but I go to a less fancy branch hahah. That talk sounds so amazing!!

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