The Ultimate NYC Christmas Decor List 2021 – Part 1

Hi friends, welcome back! It seems like there’s a Christmas Tree on every block in NYC and I made it my mission to see them all. The city goes all out for Christmas and it’s absolutely magical this time of the year. I made a list of every tree and Christmas display I wanted to see, and my list kept growing and growing each day. This post summarizes all of the trees and decor I saw, and I will link to any separate posts. There are so many that I’m breaking my list into two parts, north and south of 34th Street. I put them in geographical order in case you’re feeling adventurous and want to see them all 😉 Hope you’re having a great holiday season!

Seaport District – they always have a nice tree every year. Maybe next year I’ll make it to the tree lighting ceremony, I’m sure it’s a lot less chaotic than Rockefeller.

Bowling Green Park – this is right behind the famous Charging Bull.

 Wall Street – this is one of my favorite trees, the lights twinkle and it’s so beautiful! I also love how the Stock Exchange lights up red and green at night. We live right near Wall Street so I get to walk by this tree almost every day 🙂

 Trinity Church dressed in garland

Zuccotti Park – we also walk by here a lot and can see it from our kitchen window.

9/11 Memorial – this beautiful tree at Liberty Park and this one decorated by the FDNY Engine Co. 10

 Westfield WTC – they have a little Christmas village that’s great for Instagram pictures or stopping by while shopping

Brookfield Place – this upscale mall is dressed to the 10s in Christmas decor! They also have a light show along with other shows throughout the holiday season. Outside hosts an ice rink with views of the Hudson River, Ellis Island, and Statue of Liberty in the distance.

 Washington Square – I always love how this tree looks underneath the arch. When I went, they were filming a movie, but I didn’t see any signs for what they were filming. You never know what you’ll see in NYC! I didn’t make it back here at night, so the night picture is from 2019 when the tree was a bit fuller.

Chelsea Market – Seems the theme here is a “Pink Christmas”. I went during the week so I could capture the lights without the crowds.

 Union Square Holiday Market – this is similar to the holiday shops at Bryant Park but with Rockefeller/Saks crowds and I’d highly recommend visiting during the week. Jon and I went on the first Saturday in December and could barely move to walk through. Our experience on Saturday almost makes me want to say avoid this market at all costs on the weekend…

Madison Square Park – I didn’t make it back to see the tree at night, but this seems like a nice and cozy spot at night

 Hudson Yardsone of my favorite light displays in NYC!

 Macys – such a classic spot to see in NYC 🙂

Hope you enjoyed part one of this festive tour, stay tuned for part two!

17 thoughts on “The Ultimate NYC Christmas Decor List 2021 – Part 1

  1. That is a lot of Christmas cheer Lyssy. So many beautiful spots. We enjoyed our visits to Seaport when we were in town. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Allan

    1. So much cheer this year! We are about a five minute walk from the Seaport, it’s a fun area. Hope you have a great day!

    1. I saw it while we were driving one day and couldn’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner 🎄

  2. The Westfield mall looks like elegant architecture and a beautiful space, even when it’s not adorned for the holidays. I’m guessing you find the best of NYC retail there. And I agree, the Wall Street tree is my favorite amongst the several in your photos!

    1. It is a neat structure and all of the stores are underground. It does have some expensive stores, although Brookfield Mall has the really ritzy stores. Wall Street is consistently great!

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