Honeymooning at the Edgewood Tahoe Resort

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing all the details about our stay at the stunning Edgewood Tahoe Resort! Jon and I drove about five hours from Half Moon Bay to the resort located in Stateline, Nevada. As we got closer to Lake Tahoe, the drive became nerve wracking as the narrow roads made seemingly endless hairpin turns around the Sierra Mountains. Driving around Lake Tahoe is definitely not for the faint of heart and I don’t recommend looking over the edge. I can’t imagine driving here in the winter when the area, depending on elevation, gets 200-500 inches of snow annually!

The Edgewood seems like a set from a movie or somewhere a celebrity would stay at. (The last bit is not an exaggeration because the most recent season of the Kardashians and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed here) The resort has security at the gated entrance and attendants to greet you and valet your car. While we checked in, Jon and I were welcomed with Veuve Clicquot champagne and I instantly knew we were in for a treat and going to love it here!

Jon and I headed up to our room after a smooth check in. I opened the door and my mouth dropped – this was not the standard king room I booked! The enormous, sophisticatedly decorated suite had a living room, dinner table, one and a half bathrooms, a separate bedroom, and felt like twice the size of our apartment.

My guess is that the hotel saw my note about the honeymoon in our booking and upgraded us to one of the nicest suites in the resort. (I didn’t want to ask in case it was a mistake ha!) The room upgrade was such a wonderful and exciting surprise! I have never stayed in such a luxurious accommodation before, it truly felt like a pinch me I’m dreaming moment.

This massive balcony overlooking the pool and lake was the cherry on top of this amazing suite! We checked in on a Wednesday so the resort wasn’t too crowded. The pictures may make the place look empty, but it didn’t feel that way at all. By our checkout Friday the resort was buzzing for an upcoming Memorial Day Weekend wedding.

After we finished getting settled, Jon and I explored the beautiful grounds and relaxed in Adirondack chairs on the Edgewood’s private beach. I couldn’t get enough of these views!!! Lake Tahoe reminded me of being back in Lake Placid but on a much larger scale.

Jon and I left the beach to enjoy drinks on the patio around the cozy fire, all smiles here 🙂

For a pre-dinner appetizer we roasted s’mores like I’ve seen so many bloggers do at other fancy resorts. Unfortunately the manufactured fire wasn’t exactly conducive for marshmallows because one tiny flame would quickly engulf the whole marshmallow. We enjoyed our s’mores nonetheless.

Jon and I made a late dinner reservation at The Bistro restaurant in the resort and had an incredible experience! This was our second time dining indoors since the pandemic began and I had so much fun. Our table was near the kitchen counter and I realized how much I missed the organized chaos and fast pace of a restaurant.

Jon and I started with a round of drinks to toast to our honeymoon, and we also ordered the Ai Fungi Flatbread with elk sausage, wild boar salami, soppressata, mozzarella cheese, organic mushrooms, and herbs. The flatbread tasted delicious and I even enjoyed the elk sausage.

For entrees, I adventurously ordered the Lobster Tagliatelle and it tasted incredible! I say adventurously because I’m a picky eater outside my pizza, sushi, and salmon comfort zones. The dish included house-made pasta, butter poached lobster tail, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and a lemon wine sauce.

Jon decided on the delicious Lamb Chops with tartiflette potatoes, sauteed baby spinach, and blueberry gastric.

We were incredibly full, but because it was our honeymoon, our wonderful waiter brought us some ice cream to end our amazing meal.

At 8:15 the next morning, the fire alarms blared telling everyone to evacuate the building. Luckily we were awake before it went off, but this was not quite the relaxing morning I had in mind. The alarms went off due to smoke somewhere, but within a few minutes they gave us the all clear to go back inside. Jon and I headed to the Bistro Coffee Bar and enjoyed our specialty coffee by the outdoor fire. We spent this day relaxing to the max! Jon and I went to the beach first and soaked up the sun and incredible views. Pure bliss and hardly a cloud in the sky!

We meandered to the pool after to lounge in the comfy chairs and soak in the scorching hot tub.

Jon and I didn’t anticipate the restaurant reservations being so in demand, so we ended up with a 3:30 lunch reservation at Brooks Bar & Deck. The restaurant overlooks the eighteenth hole of the world-renowned Edgewood Golf Course, ranked by Golf Digest as one of the best public courses in the country! Legends Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Phil Mickelson have all played here which may explain the upwards of $320 cost per round at peak times.

Jon and I would love to come back here one day and play! It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful course with the lake and mountains surrounding you, and maybe the occasional black bear running across the fairway.

We started with an appetizer of chips, salsa, and guacamole while enjoying the beautiful views of the golf course.

I ordered the Tahoe Turkey Burger – turkey patty, basil pesto, kale greens, caramelized onion, swiss cheese, and guacamole, served with waffle fries. The burger tasted delicious, but the fries were some of the crispiest fries I’ve ever had! They had the most incredible texture and taste!

Jon ordered the Grilled Chicken Gordon Blue Sandwich – chicken breast, ham, swiss cheese, garlic aioli, and oven roasted tomatoes on a tellera roll. The meal was so filling that we didn’t have any room for dinner later.

Jon and I ended the night watching the gorgeous sunset from our balcony and soaking in every last minute in our fancy room. We joined the resorts complimentary morning yoga class the following day, and then it was time to check out and head to our Lake Tahoe Airbnb to explore the more northern part of the lake.

Jon and I like adventure, so two days felt like the perfect amount of time to spend at the Edgewood. We had enough time to relax and chill, but any longer we might’ve gotten bored laying by the pool or beach. You can obviously leave the resort to hike/explore Tahoe, but in my opinion, it would be hard to justify the premium cost if you aren’t at the resort much.

I highly recommend staying at the Edgewood Resort if you are going to Lake Tahoe for a special occasion or looking for a relaxing, luxurious stay! We had an amazing time and loved the exceptional service, food, room, grounds, and location. I felt like a celebrity living a dream life the whole time I was there, and it was the best two days in paradise! The Edgewood is the perfect honeymoon spot to completely relax after all the wedding festivities.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever stayed in a hotel that felt like a dream?


19 thoughts on “Honeymooning at the Edgewood Tahoe Resort

  1. Sounds a wonderful location!! Very pleased that you had the room upgrade but wonder why they had such a big dining table in a one-bed suite haha. The photos, as ever, are wonderful – both the views and those yummy lamb chops!! 😉

    1. Thank you!!! That table you are thinking of was in an area at the top of the stairs, we had a smaller table with four chairs hidden behind the couch next to the wooden divider. Seems like a game of I Spy 😂

    1. The company wasn’t so bad 😂 it’s so great to be traveling again! Also great for the blog too 😁

  2. “Tartiflette” potatoes – love that. Leave it to the French to come up with such elegant words. At the tail end of our own honeymoon we had the same upgrade experience as you. We could only afford a couple of nights in a regular room at the Colony Surf Hotel, on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. When they found out we were honeymooners, we were pushed up several floors to a stunning suite. I’ll never forget – the entire beach-facing wall of the bedroom opened up to stunning unobstructed views of the Pacific and the beach below. By far the the most luxurious hotel room of our young lives. Nice to know “just married” or “on our honeymoon” still brings the same perks thirty years later 🙂

    1. That sounds incredible, I can picture it now! Must’ve been very hard to check out of. I haven’t been to Hawaii yet, but it’s on my list! It was a nice perk for sure, especially after the last year!

  3. That room looks like a beautiful upgrade! I lived in Lake Tahoe (across the lake on the CA side) for a summer in college, it’s one of my favorite places. I’ll be there next month when I go visit family in Reno.

    1. Wow what an awesome place to spend a summer! That will be so fun, I saw a lot of pretty places on the Nevada side we didn’t get a chance to explore. I didn’t realize how long it takes to get different places along the lake!

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