Honeymooning in Lake Tahoe – Kayaking & Eagle Lake Trail

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing our last full day honeymooning in Lake Tahoe. Jon and I woke up early determined to make the most of our final day in one of our new favorite places! We started our day kayaking on the lake and had a blast! We enjoyed paddling out into the water to see the lake and shoreline from a different perspective.

Jon and I rented through Tahoe City Kayak and Paddleboard and boarded our kayaks at Commons Beach. I’d highly recommend making an appointment, but you can also walk up and see if they have availability. They have paddleboards, single kayaks, and double kayaks to rent for one hour, a half day, or full day. They also offer guided tours that run a few hours. I opted to rent the single kayaks to prevent any chance of us accidentally whacking each other in the head with the paddles ha!

Jon and I loved seeing Lake Tahoe’s clear water up close and the beautiful shoreline. The spectacular sunny weather made our excursion even more enjoyable, although my poor calves paid a hefty price as you will see in future pictures.

Luckily the lake was quite calm so we didn’t have any casualties. I constantly have nightmares my phone falls into a lake, but that didn’t play out here thank goodness 🙂

Jon and I worked up a bit of an appetite kayaking, so we went to Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet for iced coffee and a bagel. This bakery is a true mom and pop shop and well known for delicious bread and baked goods. Maybe next time we’ll try some of their bread. Their slogan is “While you sleep, we loaf” because they open at 6am. We went around 10:30 and not many bagels remained.

Jon and I wanted to do one more hike so we went to Eagle Rock Trail, a short drive from our Airbnb, for some of the best panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. The fairly easy hike took about ten to fifteen minutes to reach the top and we were rewarded with great views for relatively little work. I’d highly recommend this hike if you’re pressed for time or looking for something easier.

All smiles because we LOVE Lake Tahoe! My poor shin sunburn officially made an appearance at this point in the day.

Jon and I hadn’t gotten any ice cream yet on our trip, so we headed back to Mountain Slice Café & Creamery for some massive scoops of ice cream. I chose the Cookies’N’Cream and Salted Caramel, and Jon ordered the Salted Caramel and Mississippi Mud Slide. We enjoyed our ice cream overlooking the lake, what could be better?

Jon and I relaxed our last night and grilled out for dinner. We did laundry (such a luxury in the Airbnb!), packed up, and made a game plan for some Yosemite hikes the following few days. We were excited to head to Yosemite, but sad to leave Lake Tahoe.

To conclude, we absolutely loved our time in Lake Tahoe! Jon and I both know we will be back one day. It’s a gorgeous area and would be so fun to rent a house on the lake with family or friends. We loved the laid-back vibe and natural surroundings, relaxing at the Edgewood Tahoe, and our hikes in Emerald Bay, Sugar Point Park, and Eagle Rock Trail. If you visit in the summer I’d highly recommend hiking, golfing, boating, kayaking, and spending an afternoon hanging out by the lake. There is also world-renowned skiing in the winter, and plenty of trails for snow shoeing and cross-country skiing. As you can see, there’s definitely something for everyone and the beauty of the area will surely take your breath away.

Thanks for reading! The next two weeks I’ll be taking a quick break from the honeymoon posts, but Yosemite will conclude my honeymooning series so stay tuned for lots of pictures!!




23 thoughts on “Honeymooning in Lake Tahoe – Kayaking & Eagle Lake Trail

    1. Thank you!! I wish I was brave enough to have brought my actual camera to get clearer pictures – but my iPhone did a pretty good job! 😃

    1. That is so funny!! I think I read about that beach in my research but it didn’t end up on my must do list 😂😂

  1. Great to see Tahoe’s water is still so crystal clear. Around the docks near Tahoe City people would take a bunch of the round rocks from the shore and make pictures or words at the bottom of the shallow water, which you could see clearly from the surface. Always thought that was cool “art”. I think the locals (gov’t included) make a concerted effort to maintain the “health” of the lake, and it shows. Every now and then I see the popular bumper sticker saying, “Keep Tahoe Blue”.

    1. That is neat art! Would’ve been cool to see while kayaking for sure. I think our Airbnb had some of those bumper stickers on the fridge. I think there’s currently a program running to volunteer to keep the lake clean – if I lived closer I’d be all about that. It’s a beautiful lake!

  2. Sold! I’m going there once Canadian’s border is open! (In July) 😄 love that you’re a foodie too! I think we’ll get along well girl 😉

    1. Yay! It’s an awesome place!! Haha I think we will too!! Nothing better than travel and food 😋😋

  3. I wondered if you took your camera kayaking. I’d be nervous about taking a camera or phone on the lake. Your photos are always so amazing. I’m tempted to start traveling with a camera again.

    1. Thank you! Next time I go back and rent a boat I will bring my camera. I actually have a pretty basic one I got in 2018. I would like to invest in a better one at some point because I take so many pictures – originally I wasn’t sure how much I would use it 😅 it can be a hassle to carry on hikes or lug around all day, but the pictures are worth it!

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