Honeymooning in Lake Tahoe – Sugar Pine Point State Park

Hi friends, welcome back! I’ve got another Lake Tahoe post coming at you! After Jon and I checked out of the Edgewood Tahoe Resort, we drove about fifty minutes through more windy roads and hairpin turns to our Airbnb in Tahoma, CA. Tahoma is about ten minutes south of Tahoe City and where more of the locals reside. We passed so many beautiful homes on the lake during our drives from the Airbnb to Tahoe City. I nosily wanted to see Mark Zuckerberg’s $59 million dollar compound…maybe next time!  The southern part of Lake Tahoe is more the tourist area where the chain hotels, shops, and casinos are located. We didn’t explore the southern part of Lake Tahoe much, but the difference is somewhat evident driving through.

Jon and I booked an Airbnb so we could have our own space, a nice outdoor area, and be able to cook. I’m not sure about you all, but after a few days eating out I crave a home cooked meal and nutrients! We arrived at our cabin and it looked so idyllic! It had three bedrooms, two baths, a fully stocked kitchen, and a great outdoor area. Our host even left a bottle of wine and card congratulating us on our wedding – very thoughtful!

Almost every cabin in the area had a bear fence, something Jon and I have never experienced. We were a little nervous about accidentally getting electrocuted, but we didn’t have any issues nor see any bears. As you can see, each window and door had bungee cords across them that would shock the bear and hopefully deter it from getting into the house. Each time we returned to the cabin we flipped the switch to off, unhooked the bungees, and were good to go. Conversely, every time we left the cabin, we hooked the cords back and turned the fence on.

After settling in, Jon and I had quite the appetite, so we headed to West Shore Market for sandwiches. We both ordered the delicious Italian sandwich that we enjoyed outside. We loved the laid-back atmosphere here, it definitely felt like more of a local experience and not a touristy area. The causal and relaxed vibes reminded us a lot of being back in Lake Placid.

After dropping off our groceries at the Airbnb, we headed to the Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park to walk the easy two-mile Dolder Nature Trail. After a somewhat sedentary two days, Jon and I wanted to move our legs, but not tire ourselves out before our hike the following day.

The first thing you see in Sugar Pine Point State Park is the well preserved Hellman-Ehrman estate, also referred to as Pine Lodge. I. W. Hellman, a wealthy businessman from San Francisco, bought 2,000 acres of land on Lake Tahoe. He had this compound built in 1903 and it provides an insight into how the wealthy lived in Lake Tahoe back in the day.  This estate was one of the finest in the whole region at one point and had the most advanced modern marvels such as electric lights and an indoor plumbing system.  The house even had an elevator installed in 1958 and sits on two miles of lake footage! The family employed a staff of up to 27 people, and the estate includes other buildings such as the maids quarters, caretakers house, a boat house, and dressing room.


In 1957 I. W. Hellman’s daughter sold the house and 1,975 acres to the California National Parks System. The estate can be toured in the summer, but sadly the house was not open for tour yet while we were there. I would’ve loved to tour the eight-bedroom mansion. You can also eat dinner in the house for a small $5,000 donation 😉

The well-manicured Dolder Nature Trail includes some of the tallest pine trees in the world which explains why the pine cones are as large as my head! I loved all the fresh air and wonderful aromas on this trail.

If you’re looking for a relaxing stroll, fresh air, beautiful views of Lake Tahoe, a quiet beach, or a historic mansion, I’d highly recommend checking out Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park! There’s truly something for everyone.

To end our third day in Lake Tahoe, Jon and I enjoyed a glass of wine by the firepit and grilled some dinner. We loved having access to a grill and being able to eat outside in the beautiful surroundings!


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our unforgettable Lake Tahoe hike 🙂



17 thoughts on “Honeymooning in Lake Tahoe – Sugar Pine Point State Park

  1. More great photos!! Your rental looks great! A different lifestyle though as I can’t imagine having to worry about bears in the night! Hellman – is that the mayo guy or just a coincidence? And how crazy big are those pine cones???? 🙂

    1. Thank you!! We realized it was one of the first times we’ve stayed in a house and not apartment/hotel so we were a little nervous the first night making sure everything was shut 😂 haha just coincidence – I believe he was high up at Wells Fargo way back in the day!

  2. What a super honeymoon! The featured image confused me though. I thought that was your Airbnb “cabin” lol. I hadn’t heard of bear fences. Are they safe around kids?

    1. That’s funny – I didn’t think of that. That would’ve been an awesome Airbnb though! That’s a good question – from my understanding of you get shocked it would hurt but not cause any harm. So I’m guessing a child would just be very scared from it mostly but I can imagine it would be tough for parents if their kids don’t listen…

  3. I’ve read so many good reviews about Lake Tahoe that you just confirmed it all. It’s a beautiful place in all seasons. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Such a beautiful place – my next post has even better pictures coming ☺️

    1. It is so breath taking! We still have so much to see even though we spent a few days exploring!

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you enjoy following along, it’s so fun for me to relive the happy memories 🙂

  4. I remember sharing a plant lesson with third graders and showing them the sugar pine cone, my crazy grammy brought back. Actually, she brought back about 30 of them. I used it as an example of following the National Park Guide, “Take only photographs, Leave only footprints.” One of my third graders made the comment, “I can see why you keep that pine cone hidden in the closet.”

  5. Hi Lyssy,

    We are so glad you chose to honeymoon in such a magical place, our parks! We’re the nonprofit park partner to the Tahoe State Parks. If you visited a park visitor center or took a tour, that was us! I would love to share these photos. May I have your permission to do so?

    Sierra State Parks Foundation

    1. Hi Denise, it was such a beautiful spot to be, we absolutely loved our time in Lake Tahoe! You have my permission to share the pictures ☺️

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