Honeymooning in Half Moon Bay – Eating & Hiking

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing part two of our honeymoon in Half Moon Bay (you can catch up on part one here).  Jon and I started our morning with some delicious coffee from Granola Coffee House. I ordered the iced latte with almond milk and Jon opted for an almond milk cappuccino. We loved this coffee shop because of the elephant theme, cool atmosphere, and most importantly, strong, smooth coffee!

Well caffeinated, we headed to The Press for an AMAZING breakfast! I ordered the Denver omelet with a side pancake; my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach! I can never decide between sweet or savory, so I get a little bit of both, especially now that I don’t have to worry about fitting into a wedding dress! Jon ordered a delicious and hefty breakfast burrito. The Press served massive portions and the food tasted so fresh. If you love breakfast you absolutely must go here if you’re near HMB!

Jon and I made a pit stop at Half Moon Bay Salt Water Taffy Co. for an assortment of sugary sweets. My dad loves saltwater taffy, so it’s always been a family tradition to get some when we go on trips, especially when we went on our annual Cedar Point trip. This stop served to be crucial on our trip because the taffy was the perfect little treat on our drives and hikes. My favorite flavor is strawberry banana, but we also grabbed salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate, red licorice, red velvet, strawberry, and cherry.

Later, Jon and I laced up our hiking boots and drove about half an hour from HMB to Purisma Creek Redwoods Open Preserve for an easy hike. We trekked the Crystal Springs and Dean Trail on the Alltrails app. The trail is listed as a moderate 5 miles, but we found it relatively easy, maybe the length and almost 1,000 feet of elevation gain pushed it into the moderate category.

We enjoyed the hike because of the perfect weather, there weren’t any rock scrambles, most of the hike was shaded, and we only saw a few other people the entire five miles.

Jon and I walked through the beautiful surrounding talking about the wedding and how excited we were to be on our honeymoon. After pushing our wedding and all the uncertainty in between, it felt surreal that this was real life 🙂

After a hike I always crave pizza, so we placed a carryout from Verrazzano Pizza and it tasted incredible! It’s one of those meals you remember for a long time ha! After scouring Yelp we went with the crowd favorite Queen Bee on half, and pepperoni on the other half. The Queen Bee included tomato sauce, whole milk mozzarella, soppressata (Italian dry salami), garlic, and Mike’s Hot Honey. This was the first time I’ve had honey on pizza and I almost want to go as far and say it was life changing. Originally, I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but the flavor was perfect! The sweetness of honey mixed with the saltiness of the cheese is a new favorite!

The fog cleared out of the bay our last night and we witnessed an absolutely beautiful sunset from our Airbnb!

Jon and I finished day two of honeymooning gushing over the sneak peek of our wedding pictures our photographer shared with us, and packing up for our journey to Lake Tahoe the following day! I’d say two full days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Half Moon Bay. Some other activities you can do in HMB include visiting the HMB Brewery, whale watching, golfing, and visiting the Harley Farms Goat Diary for award winning cheese. Half Moon Bay is an incredibly beautiful and relaxing city that I’d highly recommend visiting!

Thanks for reading – I’ll see you next week recapping our time in Lake Tahoe 🙂

36 thoughts on “Honeymooning in Half Moon Bay – Eating & Hiking

    1. Haha you should worry if you don’t see pizza posted for a while 😂 I was not expecting to like the honey 🍯 but once I tried it, it all made sense!

      1. Too funny! I will admit, the first night back in nyc we got a giant pizza 😂

      1. You guys crack me up. Now that my food instagram is gaining traction there will be even more food posts to come 🙂

  1. Great place to honeymoon. I used to live in the Bay Area. Taking a quick trip to Half Moon Bay was always relaxing and wonderful. Love the fog horn too! Congratulations on your wedding.

  2. Your breakfast omelette looks like… well, a half-moon, doesn’t it? How appropriate. Also, that biscuit is huge. Rivals the size of Jon’s burrito.

    1. Haha yes it does! Unfortunately I didn’t have any room left for the massive biscuit but Jon said it was good

  3. Okayyyy such an interesting… pizza! I guess?! 😄 The part of the wedding dress that you don’t need to worry about made me laugh ha!
    Looks like a really great time! Glad you enjoyed with your newly husband 😉

    1. Haha I’m still surprised I liked the pizza 😂 when I tried on the dress at the store they only had a large size they clipped to make smaller so I didn’t realize that the style of dress is so fitted until I picked it up in the real size. Not the most practical dress I realized, but i loved it so much!
      Haha saying husband/wife is still weird to us 😂

    1. Golfing would be awesome! We are a bit out of practice from city living so we didn’t want to risk having a bad round 😂

  4. Nothing beats hike among the redwoods. The food on this day looks fabulous. I’m with you on the breakfast, but ordering pancakes on the road can be a challenge. The pancakes either melt in your mouth or sit like lead in your stomach. Cheers. Allan

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