Why You Must Visit Battery Park NYC in the Spring 🌷

Hi friends, happy Monday! This weekend was absolutely beautiful in NYC, sunny and in the 70s. Jon and I took full advantage and indulged in some fresh air and vitamin D. We hadn’t ventured out in a month, so this was a nice change and long overdue (to be fair it hasn’t been the nicest out). We masked up and headed out to see the tulips blooming in Battery Park, located at the southernmost tip of Manhattan. This is a short, enjoyable walk from our apartment and felt so refreshing! Here Jon and I are, ready for some exploring.


We first walked by the Freedom Tower, and as you can see, the city is empty! People were out enjoying the weather, but on a regular day, this area would have been packed with tourists! The area is currently closed due to Covid, but hopefully it will be able to open up soon.


Jon and I headed south afterwards in search of the beautiful tulips I’d seen on Instagram. I love seeing the city so green and colorful, it’s like a fresh start.


I spy Lady Liberty 🗽


I loved seeing all of the colors, I can’t wait to one day have my own garden to plant all the pretty flowers 🙂


The tulips took a little while to find, but they were worth the hunt. They make me so happy!


Here we are safely enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Hopefully we don’t get a weird tan line from these masks 😜


On our walk back we stopped in front of the famous Wall Street Bull, and similar to last time, there was nobody around! This never happens on a regular day, so we took full advantage and got some pictures.DSC_0120DSC_0122DSC_0123


Hopefully there are signs of spring near you 🙂 That’s it for me, see you next week!



4 thoughts on “Why You Must Visit Battery Park NYC in the Spring 🌷

  1. A beautiful, fun walk like your trip through Battery Park does wonders for the spirit. As a tourist several years ago, I took a free walking tour through lower Manhattan. It completely changed my view of NYC. Your pictures make me want to go back, sometime.

    1. Thank you!! I agree – fresh air and walks are good for the soul! I’ll have to try one of those tours one day, I forget how much history is down here.

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