Marani NYC – Georgian Cuisine Review

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing all about my dinner in Queens, NY. I’ll be honest, it’s rare that I venture outside of Manhattan, but my friends insisted that I absolutely had to try Marani, and they were right! Marani is a Georgian and Kosher restaurant that’s about a thirty-minute drive from NYC. It’s subway accessible, but it would’ve been about an hour journey from lower Manhattan. The trek was worth it because the food was amazing, and the portions were ginormous!


Here’s my favorite picture of the night and a little story about how this blog post came about. I started working a little over a year ago with Rachel (next to me) and Gil (across from me), and we instantly clicked and developed a friendship through our busy seasons and beyond. I was so happy we were able to hang out outside of work and finally meet each other’s significant others. Sometimes it seems like I saw Rachel and Gil more than Jon, so I was happy to have all the people I see the most together 🙂


We ordered appetizers for the table so I got to try a little bit of everything. My favorite was this bread, I’m a plain jane when it comes to foods, but I’m slowly broadening my horizons. This bread was very thick and warm and it was delicious! I’d definitely get some if you go to Marani. This whole loaf was $3, what a steal!


We also got these eggplant rolls with a walnut filling and sprinkled with pomegranate that were good. This was my first time eating eggplant, so I’m still warming up to it.


I really liked the potatoes with mushrooms that we ordered, another safe bet ha!


Our last appetizer was a roasted beet arugula salad. I personally am not a fan of beets, but the rest of the salad was fresh and delicious 🙂


Some festive beverages 🙂


For entrees, most of the table ordered kebobs and they were delicious! My favorite was the salmon, but the chicken was also very tasty. I’ll be honest, I was pretty full after eating the salmon kebob, it was a lot of food!


Look at this massive lamb shank!


We had such a wonderful dinner and left with very full bellies 🙂 I’m also thanksful that everyone had patience with me while I took pictures of the yummy food! Do you guys have any favorite restaurants/recommendations in Queens? I think I need to start broadening my horizons and explore more of the other NYC boroughs.



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