What’s Up: December🎄

November was a crazy, busy, great month for me! I saw my family for a weekend, changed jobs,  explored Savannah and Charleston, and spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta within a span of two weeks! I’m excited to be in NYC for a few weeks before all the Christmas travels begin. December is going to be a great month filled with lots of cheer and time with loved ones. What are you all looking forward to most in December?

On to my post 😀I’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:

  1. What I’m eating: lots of Naan bread pizza! I’ve also been making little egg sandwiches with English muffins and egg whites to take to work with me. I needed something different than just egg whites. It’s pretty amazing I could eat those plain for so long…
  2. What I’m reminiscing about: Spending time with my family, the sweetest puppy, and Jon and his family. During busy season I never had the time to spend time or travel, so I’m really enjoying and soaking it all up now!
  3. What I’m loving:  NYC is all decorated for Christmas and it makes me so happy!!! I’m so so so excited to be here for the holiday season and do all the Christmas activities in the city. Last year we just did a few because I was only here for a weekend, but this year I’m here for good.
  4. What I’m dreading: still the cold! This is my first winter in the city so it should be interesting. I did invest in a Canada Goose though, so I should be warm. My apartment building has a gym in the basement and a grocery store connected so on extremely cold days I won’t even have to leave my building
  5. What I’m Up to: I just started a new job so that’s exciting. I’m getting settled in and still figuring out my commute and all that. The other day I ended up having to take 4 different subways, it was a nightmare! I’m also in full Christmas mode! The apartment is very decorated, and I love it!
  6. What I’m working on: planning all of my Christmas activities to make sure I don’t miss anything! You can check out my winter bucket list if you missed it here.
  7. What I’m excited about: CHRISTMAS and spending the holidays with my family! I will be spending about a week in Michigan with my family and then heading down to Atlanta for a few to see Jon’s family. There’s nothing better than being home for the holidays, and my house is all decorated and cheery
  8. What I’m watching/reading: we are watching This is Us still and all the Christmas movies. I’ve been reading a lot lately, especially before bed. I just finished Orphan Train and would highly recommend it. It’s a quick read but very interesting and somewhat deep. I just started reading Doublebind. Any book suggestions??
  9. What I’m listening to: Christmas music of course
  10. What I’m doing this weekend: Jon and I are celebrating our 1 ½ year anniversary and getting dinner and maybe walking through Central Park.
  11. What I’m looking forward to next month: Oh man January…not my favorite month at all! I think I’ll be most looking forward to the fresh start of the New Year and getting back into a routine. These last few months involved a lot of travel so it’ll be nice to have no travel plans and just relax and get organized.
  12. Bonus-  Favorite Christmas movie? My favorite movie is probably Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It’s just such a classic movie and so cute. I love every movie so this was a hard choice! The Polar Express is another favorite of mine.

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    1. I loved it too! It was hard for me to put down! I had no idea that’s what life was like back then, pretty unbelievable

  1. A big part of my next journey (after retiring) is devoted to foster care. We have an aged out foster son (Dejuan) and we work a lot with kids of all ages. Right now I am getting gift cards for aged out college students at Wayne State U and just gave a presentation to an Oakland County sewing group that will make flannel P.J bottoms and totes for the foster care girls at Vista Maria.

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