Winter Wonderland in Michigan

I absolutely love decorating my parents’ house for Christmas! I’ve been doing it for years now and really look forward to it every year. This was my first time being away, so I flew back this past weekend to decorate and spend time with my family since I won’t see them for Thanksgiving. (You can check out the rest of my weekend here) I blasted some Christmas music and got most of the house finished. Once I was done, I loved waking up and having my coffee by the tree every morning.fullsizeoutput_a32.jpegDSC_0976.JPG

One of my favorite decorations is my mom’s Santa collection. She’s been collecting since I was born, and this year I found a similar one for my apartment. Quality Santa’s are pretty hard to find, but one day I hope to have a collection of my own.DSC_0953DSC_0954DSC_0955DSC_0956DSC_0977

My mom also has a collection of snowmen that we keep in the window sill by the kitchen sink. We usually leave these up until the end of winter.DSC_1012DSC_1013DSC_1014

The stairs are one of my favorite looking decorations, but they’re so hard to do! It’s hard to get the spacing right on the garland, especially when I have to connect two pieces. I love the way this looks at night, it’s really pretty with the lights.DSC_1010.JPGdsc_1009.jpg

We also put garland and a few larger ornaments on the balcony by my bedroom. This overlooks the family room, so we could always see if Santa came on Christmas morning.DSC_0958.JPG

We have two trees in our house, a pretty one that my mom decorates in the living room, and a family tree in the family room. The family room one has ornaments from the years that we’ve made as kids or have special meanings, and a mix of things. The tree is huge but it looks so nice!DSC_1011

In the breakfast nook area I hung some garland on the light and we have these cute plates.DSC_0957DSC_0978

I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas home tour. My apartment is all decorated for Christmas and I’ll be posting some pictures soon 🙂

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