Weekly Workouts 10/1 – 10/7

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. We got our living room and bedroom furniture this weekend and love it! Soon we will have the apartment complete, it’s hard to focus on the apartment during my busy season. I have one week left and then I’m free to get back to my normal routine, travel, and enjoy the holidays! It’s been a very long busy season, but I’m almost done!

This week I did all of my workouts and had some good lifts. I’ve been keeping the weight the same so that I just focus on maintaining my strength while my schedule has been so inconsistent.

Move of the week: Overhead Press

This is the most tried and true shoulder exercises that you could do. This can be done with a barbell like I’m using, or dumbbells. Dumbbells are a good modification for beginners. The key is to keep your body still, and your core tight to stabilize and protect your back from arching. I vary the amount of reps that I do with this movement. When I use dumbbells I usually do about 8-10 reps, but when I am using a barbell, I usually am lifting heavier and keep the range between 5-8.

Weekly Workouts:


Bench 100# 2×5 105# 2×5

Close grip bench: 65# 4×8

Shoulder press: 55# 4×5

Twist bench press: 20# 4×8

Lateral raise: 8# 4×8


Deadlift: 200# 3×5

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