Exploring Brooklyn Part II – Dumbo, NY

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Jon and I explored the area underneath the bridge referred to as Dumbo. This was a really cute little area along the water. I loved the brick streets and older buildings.

We walked around in search for this famous picture spot with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. We both got pictures, and then a couple offered to get a picture of us.

After our picture we walked around more and stumbled upon the Brooklyn Fair. We walked through but didnโ€™t see anything we liked. Most of the things were flea market/antique type things.

We walked back to the water and got a great view of the skyline. This view never gets old to me, I still look up when Iโ€™m walking down the street at all the skyscrapers.

We had such a great time exploring this little area and would highly recommend to anyone crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

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