Exploring Brooklyn Part I – Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge has been on my bucket list for some time now, and this weekend we finally did it! It was the perfect sunny, 70* day, and the fresh air felt amazing. It was a much-needed break from my busy season! We live very close to the Brooklyn Bridge (relatively) so we walked to it. There were so many people and street vendors, it was quite chaotic!

Once we walked about a quarter of the way the crowds seemed to thin out a bit. We were able to pull to the side and view the Manhattan skyline, and it was pretty incredible. We could even see our apartment building! My favorite is the Freedom Tower, I could just look at it all day long.

The walk was very easy, no crazy incline or stairs, the only hard part was dodging people that decide to stop walking, but that’s pretty typical in NYC.

In the distance you can also see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We haven’t seen either of those places yet!

We walked across the bridge from Manhattan and took the subway back. We explored Brooklyn and were dead tired! However, we would both recommend taking the subway to Brooklyn and walking back to Manhattan so that the city is always in view. On our walk we looked at Brooklyn unless we stopped to take pictures. Our Dumbo Brooklyn exploration is to come!

Special thanks to Jon for patiently taking my pictures 🙂

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  1. i am loving your action entries. your workout blogs make me tired. just reading them. maybe i just feel guilty. 🙂 have I to told you how proud I am of you.?

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