NYC 2 Month Update

I can’t believe I’ve already been living in NYC for two months, time flies when you’re in the city that never sleeps!! I must admit, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like city life, but I’ve adjusted quicker than I thought. However, ask me again in the winter and I might say otherwise…

Fair warning: this post has a lot of words! I want to reflect on my thoughts in the city and post about it every once in a while until I’m eventually ready to leave the city. I want to look back and see how I’ve changed and grown in this chapter of my life here. Enjoy 🙂

My favorite thing so far about being in NYC is obviously being with Jon and not having to be long distance anymore. It’s so nice riding the subway to and from work together. Our offices are about a block apart so it’s so convenient. I also LOVE the subway, which is funny because the subway scared me the most about moving. I like that I can leave work at any time and I’ll still get home at around the same time. I don’t have to worry about driving home in stand still traffic and getting road rage.

I think shopping is the hardest part of living in NYC so far because you’re limited to what you can carry. I’m so used to loading up the trunk of my SUV, but now I don’t have that luxury. We use Amazon for a lot of things, and order from Bed Bath & Beyond sometimes. Trader Joe’s is our favorite place to get groceries because the prices are the same as in Michigan. Unfortunately there isn’t one within walking distance of the apartment, but there is a little grocery store that has a decent variety and is a two minute walk called Brooklyn Fare.

Work is going well and the people are very friendly. I’m not working crazy hours yet, but in August that will start. I have my own cubical so I’m a lot more productive than in Detroit when I could chat with my friends all day. I’m happy that I can still message them. The commute to my office is about twenty minutes door to door which is amazing. Some people in my office have almost a two hour commute, that’s some dedication!

One thing that surprised me is how much later people start their day in NYC. In Detroit everyone was usually in between 8 and 9 in the morning, but in NY they come in between 9 and 10. People typically stay until after 6 to make up for it, but it’s still an adjustment for me, I was used to eat dinner at 5. When I was in Detroit we would always go out to lunch around 11:30, but people in NY go to eat at 12:30, so if I’m going out I usually have to have a snack.

The apartment is really nice and we are slowly making it homier. I’m obsessed with the view and love just staring out the window at the river. The biggest thing I miss about my house is the washer and dryer. We have to do our laundry in the basement.. There’s garbage and recycling on every floor and air conditioning in my apartment.

The apartment also has a gym in the basement which is super conventient for the mornings. I get to sleep in until 6:30 (I used to wake up at 5:45 to beat traffic and drive to the gym) and on my off days from the gym I can sleep in until 7:30, it’s wonderful! The gym has a squat rack that we also deadlift and bench in, dumbbells, a cable machine, and random machines. I’ve gotten creative with my workouts.

Current Favorites:

  • Take out: poke
  • Work lunch: Chopt
  • Restaurant: Catch
  • Building: World Trade Center

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  1. Seems you should miss your parents the most then the washer and dryer. IMHO. SMH

    BTW- They say 👋🏻

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