Top Five Travel Tips

I never travelled often until Jon and I started dating. I’ve definitely travelled more this year than in my whole year combined. I have come up with some of my top tips I’ve learned with my few travels, but it’s definitely helpful.

  1. Clear Membership: Clear is something that you can buy (I pay $80 a year because I have a delta credit card) and you can cut through the security line at any airport that has clear. Both Detroit and Laguardia have it. They’re trying to implement it into stadiums too. This is a life safer when I’m running late. One time I forgot my license at home and I would have missed my flight if I had to wait in the regular security line.
  2. Bring an empty water bottle: water is definitely overpriced at the airport, and it’s more environmentally friendly to bring your own. I always bring one and it’s so convenient. Every airport I’ve been to has had a drinking fountain or filtered water station I could use.
  3. Portable phone charger: this is a necessity. My phone battery isn’t reliable to say the least, so having the battery is a need. I always make sure to write on my packing list to charge it the night before. Some planes have chargers on them, but a lot of the flights I take to NYC don’t have tvs or usb ports. This charger is also great to have on your trip.
  4. Food: you are allowed to bring any food on the plane. I have brought eggs, turkey burgers, apples, and carrots without any issue. I have gotten stopped for having my bag of oats, but they just checked them. (I get stopped frequently so they can test my workout supplements)
  5. Space Bags: I got these bags for Christmas so I have only used them twice, but I was able to fit 5 days’ worth of clothes (I’m not a light packer) into a carryon. I think that any extra space possible is a bonus, even if it would just be easier to not pack as much.

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