NYC Foodie Friday: October 2023

Hi friends, welcome back to another edition of my monthly series showcasing all my delicious eats during the month. As you know, one of my favorite parts of living in NYC is the abundance of incredible food, and I’ve been on a mission to try all the best places and share my finds along the way. Disclaimer: these posts will cause hunger 🙂 If you want to stay up to date on all my foodie finds, you can follow my food Instagram here.

As usual, I went to Dominique Ansel to grab the monthly Cronut flavor of Stracciatella (Sweet Cream Chocolate Chip) & Salted Milk, filled with a sweet cream chocolate chip ganache paired with salted milk ganache. I had high expectations for this flavor and I was not disappointed. It’s light and creamy with a hint of a chocolate aftertaste.

My ordering so far of most to least favorite: Salted Caramel Pretzel, Cherry Jam & Cappuccino Ganache, Peach & Cornbread Ganache, Stracciatella & Salted Milk, Lychee Ganache & Mascarpone Ganache, Pumpkin Pie & Brown Sugar Ganache, Blueberry & Sweet Corn, Ube Ganache & Thai Coconut Ganache, Strawberry & Olive Oil, Lemon Curd & Graham Cracker Ganache , Blackberry Jam & Coconut Ganache, Early Grey & Okinawa black Sugar, Mango Jam & Milk Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry Poppyseed & Buttermilk, Raspberry & Pistachio, Honey Peach Jam & Graham Cracker Ganache, Almond and Fig, Apple & Rhubarb,  Matcha & Coconut, Passionfruit & Vanilla, Peanut Butter & Banana, Caramel Flan & Orange Marmalade, Pineapple & Oolong, Green Apple Butterscotch, and Black Truffle & Caramel Popcorn Cronut.

I grabbed some Popup Bagels and they were so good I went back a few days later! These bagels originated from a backyard pickup window in Connecticut and have won Brooklyn Bagelfest “Best Bagel” two years in a row. They recently opened a location in Soho and I recommend going during the week to avoid the long lines. We only tried the everything and plain, but they were delicious, especially the everything.

We made it back into Don Angie and our favorite dish was the Chicken Scarpariello with blackened sausage on top and the Japanese Sweet Potatoes. I don’t think I’ve ever said chicken was my favorite dish of a meal, but with the sausage it didn’t feel like eating chicken. The sweet potatoes also had such a great seasoning, we were all trying to figure out how to recreate them.

Pisillo is a delicious panini shop with a location near our apartment. The sandwiches weigh about two pounds each and are consistently fresh and delicious. We had the Roma with porchetta, smoked mozzarella, roasted peppers, arugula.

Places I was invited to:

I tried Funny Face Bakery’s seasonal Pumpkin Sugar N Spice with a pumpkin taste, white chocolate chips, and cinnamon and I loved their new Apple Cider N Spice with a taste of cinnamon, apple cider, and nutmeg.

Brindle Room was created by a former Chopped contestant and was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. They’re most known for their burgers that are cooked and seasoned to perfection. Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger is their most popular one, but we also loved the Brindles Blue Cheese Burger and truffle fries. We recommend starting with the house made spicy queso too.

Burgers & Lobster is a, you guessed it, fun seafood and burger restaurant. We went in to try their Taste of B&L where they offer their signature dishes for throwback prices and it’s a great deal! Signature dishes include the Lobster Roll ($25), Burger ($20) and Whole Lobster ($30) with fries or side salad for a limited time. We also enjoyed the coconut shrimp, crab bites, and bread pudding.

Little Rebel is an eclectic spot with delicious food! The restaurant had celebrity mug shots all over the walls as decoration depicting famous rebels. We had Tiger Woods at our table, not his best look. Our favorite dish was the Steak Sandwich on fresh brioche, but the Duck Empanadas were a close second. We also loved the Kale Caesar and Short Rib Croquette. My friend and I went right before Halloween and had fun trying out their spooky cocktails, but they were a little too strong for me. I had such a great time at this restaurant and I’d love to check out their brunch next time.

What caught your eye this month?

26 thoughts on “NYC Foodie Friday: October 2023

  1. OK, you win Lyssy. So much food and it all looks delicious. Good thing I have already had breakfast and good thing we do not have all these delicious temptations nearby. I had heard of Popup Bagels. They must be amazing if they have won the Best Bagel award in the New York area. Have a good Friday. Allan

    1. It was a delicious month! Those bagels were really good, they are right by my Trader Joe’s too so now I’ll be getting them more often. Apparently the pizza and bagels in NYC are so good because we have some of the best drinking water in the country.

  2. Oh yes, another yummy month for sure! Those bagels sound wonderful. I have been on a real bagel kick myself lately.

  3. So many delicious options, Lyssy, but what caught my eye were the Pop Up Bagels. As we don’t have many places in Sligo where you get a decent bagel, I’ve been trying to make them at home myself – I just love the ones that are crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Thanks for sharing, and have a great day 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. You would love Pop Up because they are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside! They are fun to make at home although mine always stuck to the paper when I baked them. I’m sure that’s user error 🙂

  4. I don’t know about hungry but I am envious, this month’s looks particularly scrumptious. How do you two stay so slim? Must be all that trekking?

    1. It was a delicious month! We do walk a lot and workout 5-6x a week, but we usually only have one decadent meal a week.

  5. I don’t usually go for burgers, but the ones at Brindle and Burgers & Lobster look so enticing! Another delicious month for the books! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What caught my eye this month is – you guessed it – everything! It has been a lot of minutes since I had a burger or a lobster roll, and I’m craving the ones in your photos with one of those sweet cream chocolate chip cronuts for dessert! Your monthly foodie posts always make me hungry, Lyssy. Great job!

    1. The burger and lobster roll were both so tasty! A cronut would be a good dessert, it is perfect for a sweet tooth. Glad you enjoyed this month’s roundup 🙂

  7. “Stracciatella & Salted Milk” – oh my. First flavor in a while where I also had high expectations just reading about it. How do you suppose Dominique Ansel fills their cronuts? It’d have to be after they were baked, right? Nice to see this flavor earn a top-five spot. The crab bites at Burgers & Lobster also caught my eye. A local restaurant makes “shrimp hush puppies” with two dipping sauces; a similar look to the crab bites and a dish you could make a whole meal out of.

    1. That’s a good question, but I would also guess after they’re baked. I’ve never seen a video on how they’re made, now I’m intrigued. Shrimp hush puppies sound delicious too, those kinds of bites are very filling! It’s hard because when I get invited they want me to order multiple things to show, but I can only eat so much without feeling wasteful.

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