Brunch at Elite Williamsburg NYC

Hi friends, welcome back! Recently Elite Williamsburg invited me back to check out their summer brunch menu. Jon and I loved our dinner there back in December so we were excited to return for brunch. We went on a Sunday afternoon and the place was buzzing! There were quite a few birthday groups and the DJ was playing hits to keep the energy fun and entertaining. We knew we were in store for a great brunch! (Disclaimer: this post will cause hunger)

Jon and I started off this fun brunch with the Froze (rose, vodka, watermelon & strawberry juice) and Blue Hawaiian (coconut rum, blue curacao, vodka, pineapple & coconut milk). These drinks tasted like summer and were both refreshing and delicious. The Blue Hawaiian tasted like a pina colada and was our favorite of the two, but you can’t go wrong ordering either.

We could pick two appetizers, which is a bit interesting to have at brunch because they don’t seem like breakfast food, but incredibly tasty nonetheless. We ordered the beef empanadas and they were perfectly crispy and filled to the brim with flavor. The empanadas are our favorite, we ordered the chicken ones last time and they tasted just as good.

We also chose the Wings & Tings and they tasted great! As you can tell, the portions here are massive, you will not leave hungry.

For my main entrée I ordered the Crispy Pina Colada French Toast and it seems they used a whole loaf of bread for this! It tasted amazing, but I wouldn’t say it tasted like a pina colada. It had so much delicious flavor that you didn’t need syrup, and the homemade whipped cream was a nice touch.

Jon picked the epic Boneless Organic Half Crispy Chicken & Waffles and two people could’ve split this and still been stuffed. Based on the servers walking by, this was one of the most popular dishes to order.

We couldn’t pass up dessert, especially a Chocolate Crème Brulee! I’ve never seen this on a menu before and it was very light like chocolate mousse, but also very rich. Definitely worth saving a bit of room for!

Jon and I definitely didn’t win the clean plate award here, but we put in a good effort and brought the rest to go. Everything at Elite Williamsburg tasted delicious and it’s such a fun place for a meal. They also have a rooftop that is first come first serve in the summer. No matter if you want brunch, lunch, or dinner, Elite Williamsburg is a great spot to check out!

23 thoughts on “Brunch at Elite Williamsburg NYC

  1. That’s one item off your summer wish list. Your choices look fabulous. It would be hard to pick between the two. I love French toast but being a fan of soul/southern cooking am a bit ashamed to say have never had chicken & waffles – yet.

    1. Maybe I should’ve put have 5 Froze’s to give myself more of a challenge 😉 Chicken & waffles are a good savory and sweet combo. I prefer only sweet so I like when Jon orders it so I can have a little.

    1. French toast is always my go-to at brunch, it rarely ever lets me down. Froze is the perfect summer drink 🙂

  2. Jon looked like he was taking the chicken and waffles dish as a challenge. Looks like a great food experience Lyssy. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. He’s always up for a clean plate challenge! It was a delicious and filling meal 🙂

  3. The portions are huge. The food looks absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. Chocolate Crème Brulee – why hadn’t anyone thought of that sooner!?

    1. I think that meal could’ve fed five! Right I can’t believe Chocolate Creme Brûlée isn’t more common, it’s delicious!

    2. I was just looking at the menu from the menu of the restaurant we went to for Jon’s birthday, a fancier Italian place, and they have Chocolate Creme Brûlée on the menu too! Maybe it’s the next cool thing 🙂

  4. I can’t imagine French Toast without syrup but I’ll trust your review. If I couldn’t pick more than one item as I went, I’d have also chosen the Blue Hawaii (plenty of those consumed on our honeymoon – delicious!), the empanadas, the French Toast, and the creme brulee (but only because of the chocolate spin). Jon’s chicken & waffles look like they didn’t come with enough syrup, but I’ll admit to preferring “syrup with my waffles”.

    1. I looked closer at the pic and it might have a little syrup drizzled on it, but it didn’t come with any extra syrup. A Blue Hawaiian sounds like the perfect honeymoon drink! I love syrupy waffles too, it is a bit strange they didn’t have a big thing of syrup. I don’t think there is any syrup shortage that I know of 🙂 (thank goodness!)

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