NYC Summer Bucket List 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! Yesterday marked the official first day of summer and that means it’s time to make my NYC Summer Bucket List πŸ™‚ On the first day of spring this year it still felt like winter, but it definitely feels like summer now in NYC! It’s getting hot and muggy but everyone seems to be in a happier mood than usual. Our summer is a little busy with travels, but when we are in NYC I’m excited to cross of some of the items below.

NYC Summer Bucket List

  • Have happy hour on a rooftop
  • Watch the Macy’s Fourth of July Fire Works
  • Stroll through Central Park
  • Check out a new ice cream shop
  • Eat brunch or dinner outside
  • Go to a Yankees game
  • Make a frozen margarita
  • Attend a free Bryant Park outdoor yoga class
  • Spend a Saturday at Smorgasburg
  • Read a summer beach read
  • Roast marshmallows
  • Attend an outdoor concert/performance at Little Island
  • Go golfing
  • Take a ride on the ferry
  • Make some red, white & blue treats
  • Have a glass of froze
  • Go hiking
  • Have a picnic in Central Park

What’s on your list this summer?

31 thoughts on “NYC Summer Bucket List 2022

  1. There is a lot on your bucket list Lyssy. My bucket list this summer has a lot of home and garden projects on it and I am ticking them off one by one. Hosting people for coffee or wine on our back deck, lots of walks and bike rides (we got new E-bikes), having a few visitors and seeing the kids. Pretty mundane stuff, but we are OK with that. Thanks for sharing your list. Allan

    1. Sounds like a great summer is coming your way! I do wish we had outdoor space, but that will come soon enough.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful list! We share many of the same things– just not the locations. We also want to eat outdoors, go hiking, try a new ice cream place, and watching fireworks. We also have few others on our list like going on a couple vacations we have planned, going kayaking, and celebrating my birthday.

    1. Sounds like we will be having wonderful summers! Kayaking is a good one, same with traveling! I have a summer birthday too, August 2nd πŸ™‚

  3. What a great summer bucket list Lyssy. I’ll hopefully be ticking off some of those things soon but sadly not in NYC. Will be trying kayaking and fell top yoga for the first time too!

    1. Thank you! We are hoping to be able to see the fireworks from our apartment. I grew up watching them on TV too.

  4. Mets game sounds better πŸ˜‰ I’m bringing my granddaughter (7) to NYC for the first time in July. I’m making her go to a game with me, but I’m taking her to the Aquarium, the Natural History Museum, Freedom Tower, and Aladdin. Her birthday is July 4th but I wouldn’t try to go then – it’ll be too crazy packed. Have fun!

    1. I grew up in Michigan, so I’m not really a Yankee/Met fan. The Tigers are pretty terrible so I don’t follow baseball much anymore. That sounds like such an amazing birthday trip to NYC! I’ve heard Aladdin is amazing! Wish her a happy birthday for me πŸ™‚

  5. Sounds like your going to have quite summer with that fun bucket list. I look forward to hearing all about it. Enjoy! 😎

  6. Oh that’s an awesome list and I can’t wait to see your posts chronicling your completion of the items so I can live vicariously through you. Right now my only item on my bucket list is to finish this dang degree and then maybe next summer I can actually focus on having fun again. πŸ˜€

  7. I hope a new ice cream shop opens in NYC this summer because I think you’ve been to every one of the existing ones. Yankees game – solid choice (they’re the best team in either league this year). Summer reads – I admit to enjoying Elin Hilderbrand (first “Summer of ’69”, now her latest “The Nantucket Hotel”). Our own summer bucket list has a single item: move to South Carolina. Sounds so easy, but getting the Colorado place ready for market has been quite the workout. Hoping to be settled into our new address by Labor Day.

    1. I know of at least three I haven’t been to yet, new ones keep popping up. I will say I’m deep down a tigers fan, but yankee stadium is pretty easy to get to. I have “The Nantucket Hotel” on hold at the library right now, will be nice to reminisce on places I’ve been. Wow a cross country move! That is very exciting! I moved to NYC with three boxes and two suitcases, so not quite the same πŸ˜‰ Good luck with it all!!

  8. Great summer list, Lyssy. We’ll be doing some of these things as well (can’t go through the summer without checking out new ice cream parlours) just not in NYC. I am inspired by your frozen margaritas night. We will be focusing on finding a suitable place to live and treating ourselves to some spa/massage extravaganza.

    1. Summer and ice cream go together so nicely! There are still a few places in NYC I haven’t been to yet. I am quite the margarita maker! Best of luck finding a place to live, I know that is not an easy task. Spa/massages will definitely be a nice break πŸ™‚

  9. Sounds like an awesome bucket list! Can’t wait to read about each item as you check them off. (Also, apologies for the flood of notifications you’re about to get from me, I’ve been away and I’m just now catching up)

    1. Always great to get a notification from you! Looks like you have an incredible trip πŸ™‚

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