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Hi friends, welcome back! I’ve got another great restaurant to share with you all that I previously alluded to in my Foodie Friday Post. I was invited to have lunch at a sports bar in TriBeCa named Mudville. They are most known for being a neighborhood spot with delicious pizza, burgers, and an extensive beer selection. They also pride themselves on carefully sourcing their ingredients and making everything from scratch in house. Mudville has been around since 1977 and I was very excited to check it out!

Jon and I started with a massive serving of chips and guacamole that could’ve been shared with four people. The chips were very thick and perfect to dip with. There’s nothing worse than a dainty chip breaking under the weight of a serious scoop of guac!

I decided to switch it up and order the refreshing mojito and Jon followed suit.

We split the Burrata Vodka Detroit style pizza and it was delicious! The crust was nice and crisp and not too doughy. I liked this better than the burrata pizza from The Emily because the burrata wasn’t an overwhelming amount. I could’ve easily eaten the whole pizza for my entrée. They were out of pepperonis when we went, but I’d love to try their pepperoni pizza.

Jon and I also split the Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side of fries. This sandwich tasted great and I always appreciate when the bun is toasted.

It’s hard to pass up dessert, especially when it’s a warm Ghirardelli brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Absolute perfection!

Besides the yummy food, the atmosphere at Mudville is rather unique. The walls were lined with a neat gallery wall of old NYC pictures in mismatched antique frames. Jon and I know how hard it is to hang nine frames, so we could truly appreciate the décor here. We went for lunch at 2 pm on a Saturday, and it wasn’t super busy. It felt very relaxing inside and the booth we sat in was very comfy. It was like all the fun of a sports bar, without all the noise. I could’ve easily stayed there a few hours watching golf and hanging out.

This meal put us in a MAJOR food coma, so much so that we didn’t have dinner that day. I truly enjoyed this lunch and my time dining at Mudville. The food tasted excellent and the atmosphere was so relaxing, but fun. It was one of those meals you come out so glad you went to. If you’re in the TriBeCa area I’d highly recommend checking out Mudville!

18 thoughts on “Mudville NYC – Downtown Sports Bar

  1. Looks delicious (esp for “sports bar” fare), and generous portions besides. All that was missing was your Spartans on the television and you’d have called it the perfect meal!

    1. Yes, for a sports bar the food was especially gourmet! So true, we went during the elite 8 weekend I believe.

    1. You could’ve helped prevent a massive food coma! I didn’t think we had ordered that much and then it all hit us

  2. When I saw all that food, I wondered if dinner would be a casualty. That is a serious amount of food and it all looks delicious. I love a good pulled pork sandwich. Thanks for sharing Lyssy. Allan

    1. I really didn’t think we had ordered that much, but it all hit me at once. I didn’t want to get up and walk home haha. If pulled pork is on the menu, there’s a good chance I’ll order it!

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