Brunching at Sunday in Brooklyn

Hi friends, welcome back! Recently, Jon and I checked out a popular restaurant in NYC called Sunday in Brooklyn. I had seen quite a few people posting about their famous pancakes and cute drinks on Instagram, and when I discovered they had a pop-up location in the Seaport District near our apartment, I immediately made a Saturday afternoon brunch reservation. Our reservation happened to be on the day of the blizzard, but we made it through the snow and sludge to the oasis inside. (Warning: this post will cause hunger)

This picture below was taken when we were leaving and the restaurant was clearing out. When we arrived all of these tables were filled and the place was buzzing with happy chatter! I especially loved the plant themed decor throughout, even the bill came in a cute little pot.

I’m a sucker for cute looking drinks so I ordered the Honeybear on Holiday (Bacardi 4 Year Rum, Montenegro, Amaro, Apricot, lime, Pineapple, Cumin, Honey) described as “Tropical, fruity, and lightly savory”. Jon ordered the Polar Bear Club (Bacardi rum superior, Aquavit, Coconut, Pineapple, Lime, Cucumber) described as “A frozen Pina Colada”. Both of these tasted delicious and looked “beary” cute!

The star of the meal was The SUNDAY PANCAKES™ topped with Hazelnut Maple Praline and Brown Butter, these were the best pancakes I’ve had in my life! (You know they’re legit if they’re trade marked!) The edges were perfectly crisped and the hazelnut maple praline on top tasted perfectly sweet. These tasted so flavorful without being nauseatingly sweet like some pancakes/waffles can be. I think I could’ve eaten two by myself, but probably not three.

Jon and I also shared the Egg & Cheese Sandwich with Gochujang Aioli, Crispy Potatoes, and Cheddar on a Brioche Bun. I’m not the biggest egg sandwich person, I’d rather eat the egg and the bread separately, but it tasted great! I was surprised that the “Crispy Potatoes” were actual potato chips (homemade of course), but they gave the breakfast sandwich a nice crunch!

The menu is on the smaller side, but features so many delicious sounding options.

Sunday in Brooklyn also has a location in London along with their original location in Williamsburg. Even during a blizzard almost every table was filled when we went, so I’d HIGHLY recommend making a reservation or you may not be able to get seated. We’ve walked by a few times and it’s always busy! I’d definitely recommend dining at Sunday in Brooklyn! I can see why it’s so popular, we absolutely loved dining here! The food and drinks were delicious, service was great, and the ambiance was fun but chill. After our brunch, Sunday in Brooklyn earned a top spot on my exclusive list of places in NYC I’d recommend, and I’d love to try their dinner menu one day. Which would you order – the pancakes or sandwich?



28 thoughts on “Brunching at Sunday in Brooklyn

  1. Those pancakes look awesome, but I doubt I could eat more than 2 either Lyssy. Looks like a place that knows how to do brunch. Thanks for sharing. Good thing I am already eating breakfast. 😊Allan

    1. Maybe after one of your long, cold walks you could scarf down three 🙂 They have perfected brunch! Thanks for reading!

    1. Haha I’m still dreaming about those pancakes! Drinks always taste better in cute glasses too 🙂

  2. Good gracious! I think we are missing a pic of either of you actually taking a bite of that egg sandwich! LOL! In Brooklyn, you MUST try Seaforth’s sometime. I had shrimp nachos, I think and I would go back there today if I could!

    1. Haha!! I am not sure how we don’t have any pictures of us here but no bite was left behind 🙂 Ah yes there is a Seamores by us I will have to try!! Shrimp nachos sound amazing!

  3. You had me with the bear cocktails, how cute? I’ve just looked up the London location after reading this post, I was in London this past weekend if only I’d known. Definitely on the list for next time! This looks like everything a brunch date should be- relaxed, cosy and above all delicious!

    1. They were some of the cutest cocktails I’ve seen! I hope you get to eat here next time you’re in London, you’ll love it! We had the best brunch date 🙂

    1. Ooooh you’ll definitely have to try it! I didn’t even think of how relevant the London location would be to you haha

  4. Omg!! I would have definetely ordered the pancakes! They look so yums 😋 … and also the polar bear club because it’s so cute haha

    1. I love a sweet breakfast! At first we were like maybe we won’t get drinks, but the polar bears were too cute to turn down 🙂

  5. What a lovely discovery at the end of your article! Just checked their London location, we’ll be there next week and we might just give a pub lunch a miss that day and check out this place. The food looks absolutely amazing. We have lunch booked in another American restaurant, Burger & Lobster, on Monday. I see they have a venue in New York, have you ever been?

    1. So glad I didn’t wait to post this! I hope you get to try Sunday in Brooklyn, you guys would love it!! I’m still thinking about those pancakes. I have not been to Burger & Lobster, but it looks like a lot of people love it! One of the locations has over 5,000 yelp reviews which is pretty impressive!

  6. I’m a savory-over-sweet breakfast guy so my choice is obviously… THE PANCAKES!!! May be the most perfect stack I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, the ‘cakes photo-bombed the second shot of the egg sandwich as if to say, “Yeah, I’m still the better entree.” So the menu says a “single” is $17… for one pancake or a stack? If one, “ouch”. Also, what’s the intent of a pop-up location – short-term advertising for Williamsburg or is it more permanent than I think?

    1. The photo-bombing sentence cracked me up. The $17 is for a single pancake so we opted for the triple stack, go big or go home or something like that 🙂 So the Williamsburg location was closed for maybe a week for renovations, so I think that’s why the had the pop-up, but it seems like a lot of work to have a pop-up restaurant. It seems very popular so I’m hoping it just stays.

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