Fourth of July in Nantucket – Part 4

Hi friends, welcome back to the final part of our Fourth of July weekend in Nantucket! Jon and I woke up determined to make the most of our final day, but a little sad knowing we were heading home the following day. We attempted to try a new coffee shop, but the line was too long, so we found ourselves back at our tried-and-true Handlebar Café and subsequently, our favorite bench. We love a good coffee routine!

Jon and I shopped some more in search of a Christmas ornament to add to our collection. A few years ago I started collecting ornaments on trips and I always have so much fun remembering great memories while I merrily decorate our Christmas tree.

Jon and I loved Something Natural so much that we headed back a second time to pick up sandwiches for lunch. We walked about half a mile further to Steps Beach hoping to see the famous hydrangea driveway, but sadly the hydrangeas hadn’t bloomed yet.

Jon and I enjoyed our sandwiches while relaxing on the beach. This definitely was not one of those vacations you need a vacation from, we loved all the R&R.

For an afternoon snack, Jon and I headed back to The Juice Bar for more ice cream! I changed it up and got the s’mores and cookies n’ cream and Jon picked The Carl (mini marshmallows and chocolate chips folded in chocolate ice cream) and the Dirty Grasshopper (crushed oreos folded in chocolate mint ice cream). While we ordered giant raindrops started assaulting the island, so we headed home quickly before the rain could wash away our ice cream.

To end our trip, I booked a sailing trip on the Endeaver that sails as long as there’s no rain… I nervously waited by my phone anticipating a cancellation call, but thankfully that call never came. Jon and I stepped outside to the sun shining, and it felt like a brand new day! We walked to the wharf and set sail with about ten other people.

Pulling out of the dock we saw SO MANY massive boats!! We sailed on the actual Fourth of July so lots of people were hanging out on their boats ready to party. One mega-yacht parked further out in the bay had a helicopter going back and forth to the island all weekend. Lifestyles of the rich and famous!

I absolutely loved this sail! Our captain said he’s done over 32,000 trips and he estimated on one out of every 200 trips someone loses a phone or camera. I have plenty of nightmares of being on a capsized boat or losing my phone in the water, so I wasn’t taking any chances!


I’d highly recommend booking a trip with Endeaver sailing if you’re in Nantucket. It’s a great way to see the island from a different perspective, and sailing seems like a Nantucket thing to do.

The clouds cleared and we were rewarded with the most gorgeous sunset!!

I can’t think of a better way to end our incredible trip!


Well friends, that recaps our trip to Nantucket! We had an amazing trip despite the weather and will definitely be back one day for more relaxing!! Our favorite part of the trip was walking around admiring the homes and hydrangeas, and of course our sailing trip. I’d HIGHLY recommend adding a trip to Nantucket to your travel bucket list, we absolutely loved it and I know you will too!

18 thoughts on “Fourth of July in Nantucket – Part 4

  1. You should frame the first photo on the boat wi Jon – that’s a keeper. Also, have you watched “Below Deck” on Bravo? It’s a drama-filled peek at those rich/famous you mention, on crew-staffed yachts like the big ones you show here. A little over the top, but pretty good reality TV.

    1. I should frame that picture, that’s a good idea! My mom and sisters love Below Deck but I think I’ve only seen a few clips – I’ll have to check it out when I want to give my mind a break 😂

  2. What beautiful images from the boat, thank goodness your camera didn’t fall in the water. I wonder how this doesn’t happen more often with all these smartphones held weirdly for photos.

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