Treadwell Park NYC – The Famous Soft Pretzel 🥨

Hi friends, welcome back! It feels like FOREVER since I shared a restaurant in NYC, so I’m very excited for this post. Last weekend after my bridal shower, Jon and I headed to Treadwell Park in Battery Park to keep the festivities going. It was a beautiful spring day, and we found a spacious table outside without having to wait. The restaurant has a very relaxed and chill atmosphere, a perfect spot for happy hour or to meet up with friends.

We started with drinks, a Rosè for me, and Jon ordered a bourbon drink called the “Cloister Garden”.

Treadwell Park is famous for their giant soft pretzels! Last summer I kept seeing pictures of them all over my Instagram feed, but we never made it over to try one, so the pretzel has been in the back of my mind ever since. It was MASSIVE! I knew it would be big, but when they served it to us, I was shocked by the size. The pretzel is served with a yummy pimiento cheese dip and a horseradish mustard. I was secretly hoping for that fake melted cheese you get at a sporting event/movie theater haha.

You all know we eat gigantic pizzas, so I think you’ll appreciate this pretzel as well  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like a face, but ours certainly did! I’d say this is made for at least four people to share…Jon and I didn’t quite earn the clean plate award, but we sure tried!

For entrees, Jon and I first tried the Smoked Brisket Reuben with beef brisket, sauerkraut, pepper jack and arugula on a ciabatta roll. This was very flavorful and they didn’t skimp on the brisket either! I’d highly recommend ordering this sandwich.

Lastly, Jon and I shared the Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos with jalapeno, feta, onion, cilantro, and tomatillo salsa. These tacos were LOADED! I will admit, they were quite messy, but worth the mess!

We left Treadwell Park stuffed to the brim with yummy food! I should caveat that this meal was our lunch and dinner because it was so filling. We took the long way home to walk off some of the pretzel and were rewarded with some beautiful spring blooms along the river in Battery Park.

Jon and I had such a delicious meal at Treadwell Park and I’d highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for a casual restaurant or craving a MASSIVE soft pretzel! The portions are large, it’s reasonably priced, and a cool atmosphere so you can’t go wrong!



18 thoughts on “Treadwell Park NYC – The Famous Soft Pretzel 🥨

    1. Haha yes! Maybe it’s THAT pizza’s cousin 😉 It was such a great day out!

  1. Good gracious! Adding this to my “must-do” places next time we get to NYC!! Thanks! Of course, now I’m starving and I’ve hours until lunch!

    1. Haha I should’ve added a disclaimer not to read before lunch or when hungry 🙂 You will love it!

  2. ohh, those pretzels look yummy! I just booked a trip up there over Memorial weekend…not sure if I will actually make it – depends on work. UGH. But, have a placeholder for now!

    1. So massive! You can add it to your foodie list along with all the pizza 🙂

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