NYC Summer Bucket List

Hi friends, welcome back! It’s hard to believe that this is my last week in NYC before the wedding! Jon and I fly out Saturday to spend a week in Michigan before our wedding, and then head out west for our honeymoon! Summer will be in full swing when we return to the city and I’m ready to take full advantage of summer in the city! I know I’m not the only who’s ready to have a great summer after being cooped up the past year 😀

The list below includes activities both inside and outside the city. Now that we have a car, the possibilities are endless.

NYC Summer Bucket List:

  • Spend the day on Governor’s Island
  • Ride bikes through Central Park
  • Have drinks at a rooftop bar
  • Kayak along the Hudson River
  • Hike in the Catskills (check out my hiking bucket list!)
  • Have a sunset picnic in Battery Park
  • Visit the Bronx Zoo
  • Visit the NY Botanical Garden
  • Go to Roosevelt Island
  • Go golfing
  • Attend a Yankee’s Game
  • Visit the new Little Island on Pier 55
  • Visit the One World Observatory
  • Spend the afternoon at a winery
  • Try a new ice cream shop

Governor’s Island 2019

I am looking forward to crossing off items on my bucket list! What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

33 thoughts on “NYC Summer Bucket List

  1. I was thinking about posting something similar for Colorado. Need something to look forward to. I MAY did the kayaking thing in the Hudson River when I’m there. Looking forward to seeing more about the wedding and honeymoon 🤩🤩

    1. You should – always great to have something to look forward to! I just saw the kayaking is opening up soon. I used to live over that way and always saw kayakers. Good way to see the skyline and Mahbe get a good breeze. Thank you!!!!

      1. Some of the hikes on this list look amazing! I did do the Pikes Peak Half Marathon once. That was pretty difficult, but fun in a painful way. lol

      2. As they say with half marathons – only half crazy 😝 but it definitely helps to have beautiful scenery!

      3. Thank you, Dave!! I don’t think our patience would’ve lasted much longer. That is a great list – I’d love to spend a summer in Colorado and complete the ultimate Pikes Peak challenge!

      1. Haha, awwhh, yes, I hope it’s bright and fair but even if it’s raining, you can just move your celebrations and joy indoors 😉

  2. Nothing too adventurous, pretty much as per last summer just day trips in and around where we live. September we’re hoping for a road trip too and from Hungary for a christening. Then, the following month a trip to Paris (by train).

    1. Thank you Leighton!! Sounds like fun! Hard to pick a place to go, but a very fun problem to have 😀

  3. Great list, especially for the beginning of the list. Why don’t I have a list? I’ve set myself a goal this year, 5 French regional capitals and 5 European capitals (not including Paris), and why not outperform..

  4. Oh that’s a great idea! I don’t have a summer bucket list yet but will do 🙂 I really hope good weather and endless happiness for your wedding! Hope you’ll share some tips 😉

  5. Amazing ideas – keep us posted as you get through them all. Now that travel has opened up within England, my bucket list plan is 12 English counties in the next 12 months! It might be a bit ambitious but I’m going to give it a go 🙂

    1. Thank you!! We had a wonderful wedding and are enjoying the honeymoon so far 🙂

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