What’s Up: February 2021

Hi friends, welcome back! Hope you are all staying warm! The weeks seem to be flying by, but I’m not complaining because that means I’m closer to finishing tax season and getting married! I meant to post about our Valentine’s Day last week but ran into some MAJOR technical difficulties! I updated my Mac to run a new operating system so I could install TurboTax, and long story short, it didn’t go well. Picture a never-ending black screen and error messages until we ultimately reset the computer in factory mode…My tax returns have since been e-filed and I’m back to regularly scheduled blogging 🙂 Anyways, on V-day, Jon and I slept in, enjoyed our coffee, exchanged gifts, worked out, had a little happy hour with pink margaritas, made a yummy heart shaped pizza on the new pizza stone, and finished our night with some ice cream. I also decorated the apartment a few weeks ago to make the apartment festive 🙂 It was the perfect quarantine V-Day, only thing missing was a picture of us!

My first Valentine!

On to my post 🙂 I’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:

  1. What I’m eating: Jon has been making homemade pizzas lately and they’re delicious! We haven’t perfected it yet, but it’s been a lot of fun experimenting with different types of dough thickness/shapes. But don’t worry, we are still ordering massive pizzas and lots of sushi too! The takeout place put four chopsticks in our bag this time ha!
  2. What I’m reminiscing about: One year ago, Jon and I were relaxing in Miami and then the following week I flew to Michigan for my first wedding dress fitting with my mom. Crazy how much can change in a year!! I sure hope in a year from now things are different!
  3. What I’m loving: my Peloton bike! I have some PR goals this year, so I am excited to keep getting better/stronger. My next ride will be #150!
  4. What I’m dreading: I have 7.5 more weeks of tax season
  5. What I’m Up to: not a whole lot. I work 55 hrs a week right now, so I spend the weekend recovering/relaxing. I basically wake up, workout, work, practice yoga, eat dinner, read, and go to bed.
  6. What I’m working on: finding a Golden Retriever puppy! Here’s a major  throwback – I sure miss my sweet Abby and her big belly!
  7. What I’m excited about: Jon and I completed all the NYS requirements for our car so we can legally drive now! I am excited to go hiking when the weather is a little nicer and explore more of New York 🙂
  8. What I’m watching/reading: we are on season 5 of Outlander and it’s really making me miss travelling and Scotland! I’m currently reading Secret Life of Bees and plan to read All the Light We Cannot See next. I just finished The Nest and really enjoyed it! It was an easier read but very entertaining and took place in NYC!
  9. What I’m listening to: Afterglow by Ed Sheeran is my current fav song! Fun fact: Jon and I listed to Ed Sheeran 90% of our drive from MI to ATL to NYC and went to his concert in September 2018
  10. What I’m doing this weekend: decorating for Easter! I have a few cute things my mom gave me I’m excited to put out.
  11. What I’m looking forward to next month: finishing one deadline for tax season and MARCH MADNESS! My alma mater isn’t doing so hot this year, but it’s still fun to watch!

Hope you have a great week!!

12 thoughts on “What’s Up: February 2021

  1. I read both those books and they are great. i recommend Educated (non fiction) and The light between two oceans. We are spending 3 weeks in Florida, ocean and gulf side. I picked the best time to leave the north. I hope wedding plans are going well with all you have on your plate.

    1. I loved Educated – read it in a week (extremely fast for me!!) I will look into the other – thanks! Enjoy the warm weather!! Wedding is all in the air but we are doing it no matter what haha

  2. Getting to know you and Jon through your posts, I’d say your Valentine’s Day description was spot-on – no essentials overlooked! “All The Light We Cannot See” is one of the best WWII-era fiction stories I’ve ever read (right up there with Kristin Hannah’s “The Nightingale”). Finally, the Spartans may not make the Dance this year, but it’s been a weird year for college hoops anyway. Glance at the rankings and you’d think it was football season. Ohio State! Alabama! Oklahoma! Oh yeah, and that other team from the Wolverine State…

    1. I still need to read “The Nightingale” I LOVED “The Great Alone”, one of the best book I’ve ever read. I am hoping the Spartans heat up in March, but I won’t get my hopes up this year. Very strange year for bball, I try not to think about the team from Ann Arbor (Jon’s alma mater) but I guess it’s good for the Big Ten…

  3. That sushi makes me dribble. I really need to move to NYC for the food. Hope you manage to get through busy season still in one piece – it’s the same here in the UK – I’m on 20 hour days at the moment and running on adrenaline I think. So need a beach holiday at the end of it!!!

    1. Yes! Move to NYC and we can be foodies together 😊 wow 20 😱😱 good luck!!!! A beach holiday at the end is definitely needed!

      1. Yessss, you can show me all the best restaurants. Then you can come to England for a bit and I’ll show you lots of old castles 🙂 For sureeeeee….the end is in sight!

  4. All The Light We Cannot See is definitely on my reading list! I’ve heard it’s such a great book!! Also, I can’t wait for March Madness!! I’m so excited it’s just around the corner! 🙂

    So happy I found your blog with the link up! Can’t wait to follow along!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  5. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! That picture of you on what I assume was a hike is gorgeous! I always think of NYC when I think of New York but that is beautiful.

  6. We love homemade pizza around here but lately we’ve been getting lazy and getting takeout instead. I’m now inspired to add homemade pizza to our menu plan again.

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