Easter Decorations & Updated NYC Apartment Tour

Hi friends, happy Monday! I feel like the world could use a little cheer so I thought I would share my Easter decorations and a mini updated apartment tour. Having these holiday decorations/knick knacks makes working remotely during these crazy times a lot better. In times like these you really have to focus on the little happy things or you’ll get sucked down the black hole of panic/anxiety. Hopefully these decorations bring some cheer to your day (full disclosure, interior design is not my forte :)).


The biggest update to our apartment is this beautiful gallery wall. I have been wanting to put up a gallery wall here for quite some time, and I thought our engagement pictures would be perfect! I really like the black and white pictures in these frames, they look very sharp and clean. We ordered the table before the gallery wall was up and tried our best to match the darker wood we have throughout. I can’t wait to decorate this table better, especially for Christmas!! Jon was so thoughtful and surprised me by putting up the gallery wall when I was out of town so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of assembling it. I think it turned out great and I love being able to see our engagement pictures in the apartment.


One of my favorite decorations is a holiday spoon rest, I can’t explain why, but spoon rests are my favorite kitchen decoration. It was love at first sight with this one, the bunny is just too cute! Do you guys have a random decoration that you love?


On the same level as my random obsession with spoon rests is my love of dish towels. When I saw the bunny doing yoga I knew I needed it.


I love a cup of coffee in a festive mug 🙂


I typically put most of my decorations on the kitchen window sill because it has the best view in the apartment. This year we added the Bunny Nibbles jar to the collection. I saw this while Jon and I were at TJ Maxx looking for Valentine’s Day items and he went back and bought this and a few other things to surprise me. I can’t wait to fill this with dog treats one day!


No candy jar is complete without some holiday wrapped chocolates. I wanted to keep the pastel peanut M&Ms in here, but then my wedding dress wouldn’t fit by the end of this quarantine 😉


Jon and I picked up these cute little bunnies at TJ Maxx this year.


Last but not least, we have this little guy in our living room window.


Thanks for stopping by, hope this brought a little cheer to your day! Stay safe and healthy!!



16 thoughts on “Easter Decorations & Updated NYC Apartment Tour

  1. Love your wall of back and white photos – very chic! Also adore your bunny themed decorations which are decidely cheery.

    1. Thanks!! We are safe and healthy hunkered in our apartment. Hope you guys are all well!! Love you too ❤️

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