Macy’s On 34th Street NYC Winter Wonderland

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing one of my NYC Christmas traditions with you all. I’m trying to complete the NYC Christmas Bucket List I shared last week, and this weekend I was able to check off buying an ornament at Macy’s on 34thStreet.


Jon and I went out for dinner near Macy’s, so we decided to stop by and see if the decorations were up yet. I’m glad we went this past weekend because it wasn’t as crowded as usual. Last year it was so hard to move around Macy’s in December which isn’t very enjoyable, especially since I’m not a fan of big crowds.

We walked into Macy’s and were immediately immersed in a winter wonderland! Every nook and cranny was decorated and it was so cheery!


We headed to the top floor of Macy’s to see all of the ornaments and decorations. Once we were off the escalator, we were greeted with a giant ornament wall.


We wandered around and saw all of the different themed trees and ornaments. One day when we have a house I’m going to have a fancy themed tree!


Jon and I both wrote letters to Santa 🙂 As an added bonus, Macy’s donates $1 to Make a Wish for every letter to Santa submitted.


We ended up buying one of these Believe ornaments. I’ll always believe in the magic of Christmas 🙂


I like buying an ornament with a year as well, so we picked out this one too.


We ended our adventure looking at the window displays outside. I only got a pic or two, but it was fun to see.


Thanks for stopping by! Jon and I are headed to Chicago for a wedding this weekend and then to Michigan for Thanksgiving 🙂

17 thoughts on “Macy’s On 34th Street NYC Winter Wonderland

  1. I love all of this. Adding ornaments from places we traveled to make a fun collection that grows over the year. But if you forget……I found you can always find them on the internet. I hate to waste a lot of traveling time shopping. My favorite picture is your “YOOPER PICTURE.” For those of your blog readers that live outside of Michigan. A Yooper is someone that lives in the UPPER PENINSULA of MICHIGAN. Your picture with the big black bear is a perfect YOOPER example.

    1. Haha maybe I should keep a log of all my ornaments. We try to get ones that say the place so we won’t forget haha! I still need to go to the UP! I thought the bear was very cute!

  2. Silly question but do either of the ornaments you purchased actually have Macy’s on them? I know I buy an ornament each year from Starbucks and have a themed tree with all of them on there and each ornament has the year on it because I like to know when I got it but I sometimes wish I had a way of knowing which starbucks I got it at! 😉

    1. Good question! We think about that when we buy the ornament, I think most of them don’t have Macy’s on them 😂 the Starbucks ornaments are so cute!! I love their reusable holiday cups

    1. It’s great, but so cold!! It’s a quick trip so I didn’t get a chance to do much exploring

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