Swell Ice Cream Review

A few weekends ago, Jon and I went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on our favorites and wander through the aisles to see what’s new. We saw this Swell ice cream for only $1.99 a pint – that’s a major steal in Manhattan!! We couldn’t find any reviews online and are a little skeptical of any healthy ice cream except for Halo Top, but we ultimately decided to give it a try because of the insanely low price. We figured we couldn’t go wrong.

fullsizeoutput_159efullsizeoutput_1599I picked out the cookies and cream, and Jon picked out the peanut butter chocolate chip.fullsizeoutput_1594fullsizeoutput_1597fullsizeoutput_159d

I tried a bite right when we got home, and it had the perfect consistency. It was melted a little from the commute home, so it was almost like a soft serve. It was extremely hard to have only one bite!


I would highly recommend this ice cream if you are looking for a “slightly healthier” ice cream. There is 120 calories per serving which is the same as the Edy’s slow churn, but Swell has more protein with 10g per serving as opposed to about 3 in Edy’s. This ice cream isn’t low calorie, but it does have the extra protein per serving.


Just a disclaimer, there is a bit of an after taste from the sugar alcohols, but it’s not that noticeable. If you’ve never eaten protein bars or halo top then it would be more distinct to you, but it didn’t bother us. Just know that it’s not going to taste exactly like a regular ice cream.


All in all, I would recommend trying this ice cream out! It’s only $2 so how could you go wrong. We both liked the cookies and cream over the peanut butter, so it may be best to pick a flavor with chunks in it like cookie dough.

Let me know if you guys have tried it yet!

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