Fitness New Years Resolutions/2019 Goals

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! We hung low this weekend and got organized. We have been travelling so much lately so we really enjoy our weekends in. We did meet up with my friend Becs from my old office in Detroit, and her husband Danny, for dinner on Friday night at a Vietnamese restaurant called 886. They came and saw the apartment afterwards and hung out. They were our first ever visitors besides the apartment staff.

On Thursday I shared my 2019 goals/resolutions here, but I saved my fitness ones for this post. Years ago, I would always make the resolution to start working out and eating healthier, but I never really stuck with it. I would go to the gym in January and then my motivation would dwindle, and I’d be back to my usual couch potato ways (yes, I had a couch potato phase). Once I figured out the workouts that I really enjoyed, I never had to make a resolution to work out again because it was just a habit and lifestyle. So, if your goal is to work out this year, start by finding out what you like, otherwise it will be a chore to workout. The eating healthy is something I always have to work at, but I’ve found some great balance between sweets and eating healthy.

With that in mind, I made some specific workout goals that are weights I want to achieve and habits I want to have throughout the year. These past few months have involved a lot of travelling, and I’ve been focused on maintaining strength rather than increasing the weight due to inconsistent training schedules. This year we won’t be travelling from mid-January through mid-April, so I’ll have lots of time to focus on my lifts. My food related goals are pretty simple but take some will power and dedication.

2019 Fitness Resolutions/Goals

  • Squat 225#– right now my personal best is 200#, but that feels relatively light so I’m thinking this will be the easiest weight to hit
  • Deadlift 275# – right now my personal best is 245# but I haven’t done that in a few months, this goal will be something I chase the whole year
  • Bench 135#– this is more of a mental battle for me to hit, I’ve done 125# but not for a few months, I’m definitely going to take my time with this one and not try it until I feel completely comfortable
  • Complete 5 minutes of ab exercise once a week – I 100% believe abs are made in the kitchen, but I still think it’s important to have a strong core which will help with my other lifts
  • GO TO YOGA!! I feel so much better when I’m in a routine of going to yoga, it relaxes my mind and reminds me to be more conscious of being present and doing the best with what you have. It’s also such a beneficial complement to my lifting. I don’t think I went more than a handful of times in 2018 and I definitely need to change that!
  • Get some creative content for the workout posts

2019 Nutrition Resolutions/Goals

  • Pack all of my meals/snacks the night before work– this gives me the time to make sure I’m not just grabbing a bar or unhealthy item
  • Meal prep healthier lunches– I started doing this, I made a bowl with rice, chicken, and sweet potatoes and it’s delicious! I will share soon
  • Make more copycat recipes of my favorite healthy takeout
  • Share more healthy recipes on the blog for you all


What are your fitness/nutrition goals for the year?

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