Christmas in New York City – Bryant Park & Rockefeller Trees

I absolutely love how festive and cheery NYC is during Christmas! When we came back after Thanksgiving, the whole city had transformed into holiday cheer. Our apartment building has a giant tree and so do most of the office buildings I walk by. It’s just so pretty! Last weekend Jon and I saw some of the most famous sights in NYC.DSC_0210

We first went to Washington Square Park where this famous arch is. A girl I follow on Instagram posted a picture of it, and I wanted to see all the big trees in the city, so we stopped for a quick picture. I like this park because you can see both the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.


Afterwards we went to Macy’s and it was pure chaos! We picked out this ornament this year.


We walked to Bryant Park from Macys, this is probably my favorite spot during the holiday. The tree is really pretty and it isn’t as crowded as Rockefeller. There are also a lot of cute little shops in the park, but we didn’t check any of them out.DSC_0201DSC_0204.jpg

There’s a little skating rink and a lot of great views!

We got some pictures with the tree.


Then we went inside the little lodge area and got a chimney cone and boy was it DELICIOUS! We had to wait in a pretty long line, but it was definitely worth it!! It was the perfect treat for a cold day. We got the Yule Want S’More 🙂


We walked to Rockefeller after which isn’t too far, but my toes were frozen in my booties so it felt like forever! Note to self: don’t try to look stylish in the cold haha🤦🏻‍♀️


This tree does not photograph well in selfies, we tried so hard to get the lights to show up in the picutes, but it wasn’t happening! But we tried!!IMG_5751DSC_0221.jpgDSC_0223.jpg

We decided we would go back during the day to get a better picture.DSC_0220.JPG


We still have a few things left on my winter bucket list, but we did so many last weekend! I CANT BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY 12 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS🎄🎅🏻

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