A Guide to Charleston in a Day – Part 1

On our trip south, Jon, Brooklyn, and I drove to Charleston from Savannah for a day trip. The drive was easy and took about two hours. In case you missed any of our Savannah trip, you can read here: Part 1 and Part 2. fullsizeoutput_ae3

Our first stop in Charleston was coffee, we all love and needed coffee so that was a must! We were planning on stopping at a Starbucks after we got on the highway, but we never came across one on the way there, it was a very rural drive. We went to State Street Coffee and I got a brewed coffee that was a little citrusy. They didn’t have the largest menu, but the vibe was cool.

We walked through the main shopping area next and they had everything from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to Forever 21. We didn’t do much shopping, but just walked through. It was cool that all of the old buildings have maintained their architecture and historic look, even though they’ve turned into modern day stores.DSC_0069DSC_0071DSC_0073DSC_0077

I think this style of house looks so cool!
These were houses along the coast


I loved all of the greenery on this building, it was so pretty!

We all got hungry after walking around so we ate lunch at Brown Dog Deli. It was a very casual sit-down place with a large menu of mostly sandwiches.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich that was really good. Jon got a similar burger with the addition of bacon, and Brooklyn got a vegetarian hot dog.

After lunch Jon and I walked to Rainbow Row to see the painted houses. They were really cute and there weren’t many people around so I got some uninterrupted pictures🙌🏻.fullsizeoutput_ae7fullsizeoutput_ae8fullsizeoutput_ae6fullsizeoutput_ae5fullsizeoutput_ae4

I have a weakness for plants! 🙂

Stay tuned for part 2 on Thursday 🙂

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