Living Room Update – Fall 2018

Hi Friends! I’ve finally got an apartment update for you all! It took us a while to figure out our furniture, and it’s such a relief to finally have everything delivered and settled. We started looking once we signed our lease for the new place, and it took about two months of online shopping and visiting stores to finally decide on everything.fullsizeoutput_89a

This is the view from the kitchen

This couch is my absolute favorite thing we bought and the hardest to find. It’s the Harmony from West Elm and is just as comfy as it looks! This is definitely an investment from our previous Ikea couch. We went to so many stores to find a couch and spent many hours talking about couches. It’s so nice to have this couch and not have to talk about couches anymore!!fullsizeoutput_89d

We got our table and tv console from Bob’s Discount Furniture and it looks really nice! We went and looked at it in the store and then ordered online. The table is nice and sturdy and has some good storage too. I’d like to get a decorative tray for the table and some books to make it look nicer. Maybe after Christmas I’ll be able to find those types of things.fullsizeoutput_897fullsizeoutput_896fullsizeoutput_8a3.jpeg

These are some of the breath taking views we have from the living room!fullsizeoutput_893fullsizeoutput_894fullsizeoutput_895

We also got a matching desk for when we work from home. Jon mounted one of our older TVs that we didn’t want to put in the bedroom. It’s nice having a designated area where we can work that still looks cohesive with the rest of the apartment.

The last thing that we bought is this entry bench. We got this from Amazon and it’s perfect. It’s so convenient to have our coats hang on, the last thing I want to do after a day at work is hang my coat in the closet haha. I still need to get a little basket for all of our gloves, hats, etc. once it gets cold enough. This bench is perfect because it prevents our bags from ending up on the kitchen counter. It’s kinda like having a mini mudroom.fullsizeoutput_8a1

fullsizeoutput_8a0I hope you all enjoyed the mini living room/entry way update! It’s still coming together, and we still need the little decorations now to make it feel homier. I decorated for Christmas this weekend, so it looks very festive and cheery. Our apartment is finally feeling like our home, and I love coming home to it every day. Soon I’ll have more pictures of our bedroom and decorations 🙂

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