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I’ve been wanting to post an apartment tour for some time now, but our apartment was never ready.  We didn’t know where we were going to live (if we were moving/staying) until late July, so we didn’t want to buy new furniture and then risk it being damaged in a move. Now that we know we’re moving we’ve been trying to find new furniture. It’s a lot harder than we thought! There aren’t that many discount furniture stores for an apartment that are easily accessible. The main ones in Manhattan are Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Restoration Hardware. They all have amazing quality furniture, but are quite expensive. We have been deciding which furniture to really invest in and bring to our future home, and which to save on and just use for the time being in Manhattan.


Our current place is great and easy to get to from work, but we ultimately decided to move so we were in an established neighborhood with more restaurants and no construction. Our current area, Hudson Yards, is very up and coming with tons of new construction, but it feels like we are too far away sometimes.


We ended up signing a lease for a gorgeous new apartment and are on the quest to furnish it. We will be staying there two years and want it to feel more like a home than a temporary apartment with mismatched things. I’m beyond excited to move and I can’t wait to show you all the new place!! The minute we walked in we both knew it was the one 🙂DSC_0317

One day we will look back on this place and laugh about the Ikea coffee table that is on the verge of falling apart, putting together a dresser for 5+ hours to have it cave, and all the stress of moving and buying furniture. This place is also filled with great memories from when Jon and I were first dating, to when I finally moved in.IMG_3914

Without further ado, here is a tour of our current place!

I’ll miss the view the most in this place, we never use the balcony because of the noise, but the unobstructed view of the Hudson River is so incredible.


We also love the openness of the kitchen and knew that was something that we couldn’t give up when we were looking for a new place. It makes the place seem large and we have plenty of room to both cook and meal prep together.



fullsizeoutput_736This place doesn’t have any overhead lighting in the family room, so we kept up the tree for some nice lighting at night. I was also not here much after Christmas to help take it down. I promise in the new place our tree will be taken down in January (and put back up after Halloween)


My favorite part about the bedroom is this sign that I got from Smallwoods.


The bathroom is updated and nice. My only complaint is that there isn’t any counterspace. When I do my makeup my things always fall into the sink.


In two weeks we will be in the new place!!

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  1. Laughing as that is what IKEA furniture is for……temporary and then you throw it out. It is not for the long haul.

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