Lyssy’s Eats: Voodoo Donuts


I can’t believe it’s been over two months since my Portland Trip!! (If you missed it you can catch up Day 1 & 2, Day 3, and Last days)

I’ve heard about Vodoo Donuts for years, and had to go when I went to Portland. I’m more of an ice cream kinda person, than donut, but I figured it was a Portland bucket list item. We went on a Tuesday and there was no line at all, it was amazing! My dad got the regular glazed donut but ate it before I could get a picture.

I ordered the oreo donut and it was very good. I can’t remember the last time I had a donut. I think I would’ve been in a crazy sugar rush if I had at the whole thing. There was a lot of frosting on top to hold all the little oreo pieces. I think oreo anything is always a safe choice, kinda like salmon.

Here are some more pictures of the intereior, it was pretty cool inside, and the amount of donuts they have are insane! I’m sure the cinnamon toast crunch one would be good.

2 thoughts on “Lyssy’s Eats: Voodoo Donuts

  1. Looks like fun but I just can’t imagine eating a doughnut covered in fruit loops :). Have you ever been to Georgetown doughnuts in D.C.? They had a t.v. show for awhile. We tried them, just because we were there and the line was short. My friend waited in line for 2 hours for hers. We only waited 10 minutes. I have to admit… was the BEST DOUGHNUT I have ever had in my life, sorry Looney Bread in Livonia and Sweetwaters in Kalamazoo. We both bought 2, one to eat and one to save for breakfast. We decided to eat both and skip lunch. It was worth it.

    1. As a kid I would’ve loved a fruit loop doughnut haha! I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard of it! When I finally go to D.C. I’ll definitely have to stop in there and get a doughnut 🙂

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