Trader Joe’s Top Five

As you all probably know by now, Trader Joe’s is my favorite grocery store in the world. I love everything about it except how chaotic it is in NYC, but that’s not their fault. I could just wander the aisles all day long and look at the new items. Throughout the years I’ve established my favorite staples that I get every time I go to TJs. There are some things I like at Trader Joe’s that are comparable to other stores, but these five items I just can’t live without!

  1. Garlic Salt: this is my go-to seasoning whenever I’m cooking. I always use this on my egg whites and chicken. This seasoning is a game changer and only $2!

2. Frozen Mixed Berries: I always put these berries in my Smoothies. These berries are a really good deal compared to other stores like Kroger which can charge up to $7 for a bag of frozen fruit. I’m all about a good deal and healthy food.

3. Blue Corn Tortilla Chips: these are hands down my favorite tortilla chip and also my favorite go-to hanger prevention snack. They have the perfect amount of salt and I can never limit myself to one serving. These go perfectly with my Guilt Free Nachos recipe. Also I just tried this guacamole and love it! It’s perfect for me to take to work and a good serving size for 100 calories.

4. Almond Milk Cheese: this one is a new recent favorite of mine. I discovered it a few months ago while I was wandering by the refrigerated section. This almond milk cheese is a great substitue for regular cheese. It doesn’t quite melt the same, but I love putting it on nachos, quesadillas, Guilt Free Pizza, and black bean noodles. If you’re dairy sensitive you need to get these ASAP!

5. Dark Chocolate: I LOVE dark chocolate, this one is 73% cocoa and is very bitter which I love. It satisfies my sweet tooth and isn’t loaded with sugar or cream so it doesn’t give me a sugar rush like milk chocolate does.

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