How I Stay Motivated to Workout

  1. Get into a routine. People always ask me how I can get up at 5am and go workout, but it’s such a routine to me now that I don’t think twice about it. I pack my car the night before so I have no excuse to stay in bed once my alarm goes off.
  2. Do what you love. Once I switched from the cardio machines to the weights I enjoyed working out and looked forward to my next workout. I realized that you have to enjoy your workouts or you won’t stick to them, so do something you love to stay active. Whenever I get in a rut and lose motivation I go to a yoga class or try a new workout.
  3. Have a training partner. Jon and I both love to lift and are currently on the same program. There have been quite a few times that I didn’t feel like going to workout, but he did, so I went and I always end up having a great workout. In college I would join my friends for Zumba class and I always looked forward to going together. A training partner is great to hold you accountable and they’re fun to have during your workout.
  4. Set goals. I’m always striving to get stronger. (See my 2018 goals here) Having these goals gives me something to work towards. I know I have to put in the work consistently if I want to reach my goals. Also, achieving my goals gives me the motivation to set new goals and work harder. It’s a never ending cycle of endorphins 🙂
  5. Get dressed and leave the house. There are times that I’m not motivated to workout and try and find an excuse to skip my workout. A lot of times in those circumstances if I get dressed and go to the gym, I always have a great workout. I find motivation once I get there and always happy I left the house and went to the gym. Other times I just walk on a treadmill and don’t lift, but that’s ok because I’m still getting in a workout.

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