Weekly Workouts 1/8 – 1/14

One of the reasons that I love fitness is because there’s always something that I can improve on or achieve. I can always strive and push myself to lift a heavier weight, do one more rep, or run one more minute. I want to use this blog as a place I can track where I’m at with my workouts and see how much I have improved every so often. My fitness goals for the year include:

  • Benching 135#
  • Squatting 200#
  • Deadlift 250#
  • Attend yoga every week or set aside time to stretch

To achieve these goals I’m on a strength-building program with five scheduled lifts a week. On my off days I either go to a yoga class or walk on the treadmill. I’ll also take complete days off from the gym if I’m sore or have something going on.


This weeks workouts included:

Monday: Vinyasa Yoga class at Lifetime (best way to start the week)


  • Bench Press: 105 4×5 (four sets of 5 reps)
  • Incline Bench Press: 65 4×8
  • Shoulder Press: 55 5×5
  • Incline Walk


  • Deadlift: 205 4×2, AMRAP(As many reps as possible) fifth set, I got 3
  • Squat: 155 4×5 (DEADLY)
  • Incline Walk


  • Bench: 110 4×3, AMRAP fifth set, I got 4
  • Close grip bench: 65 4×8
  • Tricep cable pushdown: 3×8
  • Tricep machine: 3×10
  • Bicep Curl: 17.5 3×8
  • Incline Walk


  • Incline Walk for 1 hour – fasted

Saturday: This workout took forever! But luckily Jon was there to talk to in between sets

  • Squat: 145 5×7
  • Deadlift: 170 6×5


  • Bench 105 6×5
  • Arm accessory lifts
    • Bicep curls
    • Tricep pushdowns
    • Tricep overhead extension





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