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I’ve had a desire to blog for a few years now. I stumbled upon a few blogs from Instagram accounts I followed and enjoyed reading about their lives, opinions, and style. I’ve always kept journals and love to write and document my thoughts. I wanted to create a blog to have a digital journal with pictures to easily look back on. I never knew what I really wanted to write about and didn’t think that I had anything interesting to write about. I had the right idea, but I didn’t know how to pursue it until now.

You’ll see throughout the blog that I have a thing for quotes. One of my favorites is: “If not now, when?” and I really started thinking about it. I thought maybe I can start blogging when I move to NYC, but that won’t be for a while. If you know me, you know I’m a very one-track minded person so I couldn’t wait until that TBD day. Then I started thinking some more and I thought what’s happening in the now? And it hit me. Why wait for a big event to happen when memories are happening now. I can’t wait to look back at these memories in the future and see how all the little things added up.

My blog will feature four main themes: Fitness, Food, Family, and Friends

Fitness: I absolutely love working out and being able to see how I improve and get stronger with my consistency. I want to track my workouts here so I can see how I’m improving every few weeks. I want to share my tips and tricks I have related to the gym and working out


Food: I love making healthy recipes as much as I love indulging in sweets and eating out. I’ll be sharing some of my meal preps, favorite healthy foods, recipes, and all of my favorite restaurants in NYC

Mitchell's Shark Fin

Family & Friends: I can’t wait to share all these memories and my journey with you all 🙂



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