NYC Upper East Side Halloween Decorations 2023

Hi friends, welcome back to another terrifying townhome tour! After strolling the Upper West Side last week, I was excited to see how the Upper East Side compared. As I predicted, the UES had quite a few more homes participating in the spooky fun. I noticed more displays went all out and I thought it was interesting how so many houses have skeletons causing trouble. Some of the decorations I recognized from last year, but a lot were new. As with my last post, I’ve organized it by street so you can take a self-guided tour and use it in future years. I hopped on the subway uptown and was on my way for a festive adventure between 59th Street and 96th Street!

61st between Third and Second Ave.


62nd between Lexington and Second Ave.

65th between Park and Lexington Ave.

67th between Fifth and Madison Ave.

74th between Madison and Park Ave.

76th between Fifth and Lexington Ave.

This townhome belongs to Kelly Ripa.

78th between Lexington and Second Ave.

I liked how this house made good use of their scaffolding 🙂

80th between Park and Lexington Ave.

82nd between Lexington and Third Ave.

91st between Park and Lexington Ave.

92nd between Park and Lexington Ave.

94th between Park and Lexington Ave.

95th between Park and Lexington Ave.

What do you think of these spooky displays? I thought the Upper East Side did a really nice job with their decorations, I’d give them an A! If you’re in NYC around Halloween, I’d definitely make sure you stroll some of these fun streets. Hope you enjoyed this spooky tour, I had a blast finding all the festive homes around NYC!

28 thoughts on “NYC Upper East Side Halloween Decorations 2023

    1. It is interesting, especially because they don’t go all out for Christmas. It’s fun walking by and see people smile at all the decor. The really big skeletons are pretty funny to see in the cities.

  1. You are right Lyssy. The Upper East Side is the bomb, so many great displays to see. I love how they are more spooky than gory and the pumpkin displays are really well done. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday. Allan

    1. It was very hard for me to narrow down the displays to include in this post, I didn’t have that problem on the west side. You’re right, it is more spooky than gory except for the occasional foot impaled on a fence. It’s impressive what people can design!

  2. These are all amazing! I had no idea that NYC goes all out every year for the spooky season – there’s certainly a little Halloween magic for everyone. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. NYC really takes their holidays seriously 🙂 It is fun to have a little Halloween magic just around the corner. It’s a great way for everyone to feel a little festive!

  3. That’s some serious property porn Lyssy and they’ve gone all out for Halloween. What are they going to for Thanksgiving and Christmas? We have such a short fall that my only concession is a large tall glass bowl full of gourds.

    1. There are some really nice townhomes on the UES. Strangely enough not many people decorate for Christmas. I bet the bowl is gourd-geous 🙂

  4. Some of the life-size figures (ex. 74th between Madison and Park) are really creepy. If I were the owner I’d hold my breath every time I passed them by, wondering if one would actually reach out and touch me 🙂

    1. Yeah they really are! I am glad none of them jumped out at me or I would’ve ended up going viral for being scared haha. I’d also be afraid of storing them all year.

  5. Absolutely spooky! Like you, I give full points to these decorations, which are more vibrant and abundant than the previous ones you shared. A wonderful visit!

    1. I was amazed at home many homes participated, it was so much fun seeing them! It was difficult narrowing down my pictures and I still had 50 in the post.

    1. It was such a fun walk! I love the steps with gourds too, that’s how I would decorate my stoop 🙂

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