Halloween Apartment Tour 2023

Hi friends, it’s officially spooky season and I’m kicking it off on the blog with my Halloween apartment tour, so come on in! This is our first full fall season in our apartment and I was excited to have more space to decorate. I also got a few new things now that we have more space to store it. I typically decorate the week after Labor Day and this year it was 90* in NYC when I decorated. It was hard to get in the mood for fall while I was sweating, but I persevered. Now let’s get on with the tour 🙂

Our entry table is my favorite table to decorate and I love how cozy it is at night. I finally got smarter this year and got remote controlled battery candles so I can turn all my pumpkins on with the click of a button.

I love having my bookshelf to decorate and we upgraded our tv this football season. The light up pumpkins are new this year.

The windowsills in the living room.


We have a rare problem in NYC, our kitchen window faces east and we have so much direct sunlight it melts my candy.

I got this ghost serving tray I’m excited to make a charcuterie board with.

A new set of pumpkin mugs to make our mornings more festive.

I only added a few decorations to the office and made sure they were out of the way of Jon’s webcam.

Last but not least, if you’re wondering where I store all of this, I use one of the closets in the office for all of my holiday decorations.

Hope you enjoyed this tour! Happy spooky season!

33 thoughts on “Halloween Apartment Tour 2023

  1. Well done Lyssy. Your place is so neat and spotless and such great views. I must admit that we have not fallen under the spell of the Hallowe’en decorating push. Our best Hallowe’ens were when the boys were young. Many of our neighbours are really into it, while we are more “Bah Pumpkin” folks. Happy Monday. Allan

    1. Thank you! I tidied a little extra for the post, but we keep it pretty tidy. It is fun when there are kids excited about Halloween and talking about their costume for months. Some people really go all out, and some are “Bah Pumpkin” 🙂

  2. All kinds of great decorations here, Lyssy. My favorite is the little ghost keeping watch over the kitchen sink. Is he meant to hold something in his mouth (ex. candy, sponge) or is he being a rah-rah with his arms held high instead? Also, I think you’ve come up with a new phrase for “irritated” when you say, “(that just) melts my candy” 🙂

    1. Thank you! I think that ghost is meant to hold a sponge, maybe it even came with one. He is a jolly ghost, I think he is probably trying to say BOO. I used to keep my olive oil in that corner, but it’s supposed to be out of direct sunlight. Hope it didn’t oxidize or something haha

  3. I loved the tour and seeing all of your cute decorations, Lyssy! The new light up pumpkins are super cute, and you will have to show us the ghost platter charcuterie board when you do it! Happy Hauntings!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour! The lights on the pumpkins were pretty blinding the first few days, but luckily they settled down. I am scheming up a board in my mind 🙂 Happy Hauntings to you too!

    1. I didn’t realize how many big pumpkins I had until I took them all down, it’s been five years of collecting 🙂

      1. I’ve narrowed it down to that big black(?) candle holder on the side table and the 3 cuties in the window that say BOO I think!

      2. I’ve narrowed it down … the big black(?) Pumpkin candle holder and the 3 smallies in the window that say BOO I think…

  4. What’s a holiday at the Hammond household without a coordinated spoon rest? This one is really cute.

  5. Very spooky and stylish! I especially love the Jack o’ Lanterns glowing in the dark! Fall is finally here and wishing you a wonderful Halloween!

    1. Thank you! I love when it all glows at night, it’s so cozy! Hope you have a great Halloween season too!

    1. Haha I really need to get a magic wand! I tried snapping my fingers and that didn’t work 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love organizing and was very excited to have a closet for all my decor. I dreamed of having a colored box for every season. In our old place I just had to store things anywhere I could find space.

    1. Thank you! I’d definitely have a field day, I’d even make some lego pumpkins to sprinkle around all your legos 🙂

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