Newport, Rhode Island – Inn, Eats, & Goat Island

Hi friends, welcome back! Third time’s a charm for Jon and I to visit Newport, Rhode Island and we had the best, most relaxing weekend. Originally we were going to go in May 2020, then Labor Day 2020, and we finally made it for Fourth of July 2022. We stayed at the Marshall Slocum Inn from Thursday through Monday, and it was the perfect spot to stay. Our room was spacious, comfy, and quiet. The Inn didn’t have breakfast or housekeeping, but they had free parking, coffee, ice, and a little candy station. It was also a quick and enjoyable walk to town so I’d definitely recommend staying here. It seems the Newport area, especially during Fourth of July weekend, is relatively expensive so I booked this room seven months ahead to avoid having slim pickings.

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We left NYC on a Thursday morning and had a bit of traffic, so it took us about four hours to get there. Our room wasn’t ready yet so we parked and headed into town for some lunch. Jon and I found Drift Cafe on Yelp about a ten-minute walk from our room. We enjoyed the walk because the Inns and homes we passed were historic and cute, and all the greenery smelled so good. (Sadly NYC in the summer does not smell great). Drift Café seems to be one of the most popular spots in the downtown and was always busy. We ordered the delicious B.E.C sandwich and the Good Morning sandwich.

Jon and I walked around town a bit and then headed up to check into our room.

Jon made all our dinner reservations for the trip, and our first stop was at Brick Alley Pub. This was voted the Best Bar and Best Restaurant in Rhode Island and we started off with some ice cold craft beer. I chose the Whalers RISE American Pale Ale and Jon had a bold choice of Grey Sail “Captain’s Daughter” Double IPA. Cheers to the start of vacation!

We started with delicious and fresh Ahi Tuna Sliders, and I ordered the Beef Short Rib Sandwich and Jon went with the Baja Fish Tacos. I have to admit I was not feeling seafood most of this trip, I’m not the biggest lobster fan. Dinner tasted great and we were pretty full from our late lunch and large beer so we passed on dessert.

We walked to Goat Island to prevent a food coma and saw the Goat Island Light House. It was so peaceful walking along the harbor with the fresh air and sun starting to set.

Jon and I had a great first day in Newport and were very excited for the Cliff Walk the following day. Stay tuned!


41 thoughts on “Newport, Rhode Island – Inn, Eats, & Goat Island

  1. That looks like a nice cozy inn. Seems unusual not to offer breakfast in a setting like that. The town looks quaint and tidy and I imagine the scent as better than NYC in the summer. Not sure I would be able to go for a walk after all that food. Thanks for sharing your trip Lyssy. Allan

    1. They may have been pretty short staffed, we aren’t big breakfast people so we were ok. It is a very quaint and clean town, we always appreciate that! I think our dinner was pretty early, so we had a lot of daylight left we wanted to use.

  2. Fun first day! I have to admit, I didn’t love Newport. But we were only there for 1 night so I’m sure there’s much more to see and do than we did. Looking forward to following along with the rest of your trip!

    1. Compared to Nantucket I didn’t love it as much, but I loved the Cliff Walk and visiting the Gilded Age mansions. I think about three days is the perfect amount of time there.

  3. The first photo of the setting sun is spectacular; almost the look of a painting. Every dish at the Brick Alley Pub looks perfect but I would’ve made a meal out of the Ahi Tuna Sliders. Finally, great choice for the hotel. From the outside you’d think you were staying in somebody’s house (which technically, you were). The furnishings and decor really catch my eye.

    1. Thank you! Those defiantly could’ve been a meal on their own. It was a very charming place to stay, some people just go for the cheapest place, but we think finding a cool place is all part of the experience. They had a front porch swing I loved relaxing on too.

  4. Great choice! The inn had the perfect ambiance and location for your stay in Newport. I’ve enjoyed seeing this area from the air on several flights going into New York from Boston or Europe while wondering about visiting. I look forward to reading about the town and your experiences as well as more photos of the tempting food that always make me hungry. 😋😃

    1. It was a charming place to stay and we had a comfortable visit! You’ll have to visit one day, it’s a neat city with some cool history. You can always count on me for some hunger inducing food pictures 🙂

  5. As many times as we’ve been to Newport (and we’ve been a lot as it’s only about an hour away from us), I don’t think I have ever walked out to goat island! It looks like a perfectly lovely start to your trip.

    1. You’ll have to stop by next time, it’s a relaxing walk over that not many people seem to know about so we had it all to ourselves. We had a great first day!

  6. This looks like a nice relaxing trip! The candy station at your Inn looked adorable. Also, the Goat Island Lighthouse looks absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

  7. Your accommodations look so cozy and stylish. We’ve been to Newport a couple of times but haven’t been to Goat Island. I’ll have to keep this in mind for the next time we’re in the area. I’m such a fan of lighthouses.

    1. It was a great spot to stay! The walk to the lighthouse isn’t very far, but it seems like a lot of people don’t know about it. Maybe I saw it in a map when I was looking around, but I love light houses too!

  8. The hotel room you stayed in is very elegant and cosy. The food looks great, and the historic houses and the lighthouse are gorgeous. I’m glad that your trip was off to a such a good start and looking forward to reading more about Newport.

  9. Newport is definitely on our short list, but it’s a long way from here to there. I love the Marshall Slocum Inn, and its location sounds perfect. I also love that you recommend all the best restaurants. Goat Island looks so fun, and now I’m looking forward to the Cliff Walk.

    1. You’ll have to a do a summer East Coast Roadtrip one day! So many pretty and interesting places to see 🙂

    1. Haha if I ate like this every day I wouldn’t be thin anymore! I eat so plain and healthy during the week 🙂

  10. Newport is so cute! The inn you stayed at looks beautiful, like sraight out of a movie! I love the little candy stations too ahah! The centre looks also really pretty, and those sandwiches seem delicious! The views from Goat Island look stunning too!

    1. It was such a charming place to stay, the candy was a cute little touch. The views were beautiful!

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