Vienna, Austria – The Finale

Hi friends, welcome back to the conclusion of my Germany and Austria series 🙂 After completing our Salzburg Sound of Music DIY tour, we checked out of our hotel and arrived at the train station about an hour before our train departed. I was getting nervous because nobody was at the train station, but apparently it wasn’t a busy stop. We were expecting a busy train like the one from Paris to London, but we weren’t changing countries so we didn’t have any document or security checks. The train ride took about two and a half hours and made a few stops along the way.

After arriving in Vienna we took the U-Bahn a few stops to our hotel, The Ambassador, and checked in. We got an upgraded room here too and it was massive! The dated décor made it feel like we were staying in the White House, but that hotel’s style. It was a completely different vibe than the more modern Kempinski hotel.

We arrived in Vienna around 5pm, so after we got settled, we headed out for an early dinner before the rush. We went to Puerstner for our last German/Austrian meal and it was the perfect spot to end the trip! One last beer, Spätzle, and Wiener Schnitzel with some apple strudel to satisfy our sweet tooth 🙂

We walked around a little after dinner to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral and then headed back to start packing and unwinding.

The following morning we checked out very early and passed people still at the bars on our way to the City Airport Train (CAT). The CAT to the airport was very efficient and easy, and we were through security very quickly. We had coffee while we waited for the lounge to open, but it wasn’t as nice as the one in London. If you’re flying to the US from Vienna, you need to have your ticket verified after going through the passport check. We came down from the lounge and saw a long line, but we had plenty of time.

The flight home was very comfortable and went by pretty quickly. We flew business class on the way back to make the nine-hour flight more bearable and we didn’t go hungry!

I hope you enjoyed following along on our Germany and Austria series! Jon and I were blown away by how beautiful both countries were and had such an incredible trip. We were only in Austria for 36 hours, definitely not enough time to see much, but we’d love to come back one day! I don’t think I’d change anything about this trip except making it way longer 🙂 I hope this series brought back good memories or encouraged you to visit these amazing spots. Thanks for following along!! I truly appreciate you spending time reading this series and all the kind comments!

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34 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria – The Finale

  1. Shame you didn’t get to see more of Austria but another time. You could easily spend a week in Vienna – so much to see and do – pop over to Budapest for a few days and then Graz is also worthy of a few days. I luckily spent 6 weeks in Austria during the summer on a German language course where I had such a fabulous time. I’ve much enjoyed your holiday revisiting places I know really well. I’m off there before Xmas so look out for my wintery scenes,

    1. So many wonderful places to visit, so little time! I’d definitely love to explore more of Austria one day, it’s so beautiful! How wonderful to have spent so much time in Austria. There are some palaces in Vienna I wanted to see and Hallstatt too. Graz looks beautiful too! So glad you enjoyed this series and can’t wait to see all your winter pictures!

  2. At least you managed a brief visit to Vienna and the perfect last meal in Austria Lyssy. The 3 S’s. One can never have enough Spätzle, schnitzel and strudel. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Allan

    1. Yes we will have to go back one day to explore more of Austria and Vienna. I love the 3 S’s, you’re right! Glad you enjoyed following along 🙂

  3. What is that wonderful chocolate thing on the plane. I want it now. I am flying business class next month for the first time……hope I enjoy it as much as you did. Long flight.

    1. It was actually some kind of coffee drink, it was delicious! You are definitely going to enjoy! Makes you feel like a real person, but it’s hard to go back to economy after. Where are you headed?

      1. spending our Christmas in Aruba. It is a gift from our kids. They rented a condo for us and bought business class tickets. They are coming with us of course.

      2. That sounds wonderful!! You can have a white Christmas with those sandy beaches!

  4. I loved following you on this tour of Germany and Austria! Your posts are such an inspiration, and I want to go. If we ever get to go, I will want to get your itinerary. Thanks so much for sharing your travels. I hope you and Jon have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. So glad you enjoyed!! When you decide to go I can help with the itinerary 🙂 Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. I visited Vienna just for a day this summer whilst we were staying in Bratislava. I’d like to return for a longer stay sometime too. Thank you for taking the time to document your trip as I very much enjoyed the series.

    1. So glad you enjoyed this series! Hopefully we both make it back to Vienna for longer soon 🙂

  6. That just gives you another excuse to go back again one day; right?! It does look like you had a really fabulous trip and go to see so many wonderful things.

  7. The German food looks amazing, and you can not go wrong with Spätzle! I have really enjoyed reading this series, with your amazing photos, travel information and stories.

    1. We were very impressed with the airplane food! You were right that Austrian airlines is a quality airline!

  8. A fine end to a memorable trip Lyssy. I wholeheartedly approve of your choice of Vienna lodgings, as the Hotel Ambassador seems to be oozing old Vienna charm. The food as always is magnificent, while your shots of St. Stephen’s takes me back to my visits, over 20 years ago. Yikes.

    1. It did ooze charm and it was pretty inexpensive relatively! Can always count on me for good food pics ha! I hope I can make it back to go inside St. Stephen’s one day.

  9. I’m so glad you got to squeeze in a short visit to Vienna as it’s such a beautiful city. It’s too bad you couldn’t stay for longer. There’s never seems to be enough time (or vacation days). Your last meal in Europe sounds and looks delicious! How nice to treat yourself by flying business class on the way back. The meals on the plane surprisingly look pretty legit.

    1. There never seems to be enough time on vacation! I dream of living in Europe for a year or two so I can visit more places with a shorter flight/train ride. We have found that flying business on the way back can sometimes only be a few hundred dollars more. Makes leaving a tad bit easier.

  10. You’ve seen so much in such a short time, it took a lot of preparation, but it’s true that there are plenty of tempting places to visit in Europe.

  11. What a fantastic trip you had! 36 hours are really not much for Austria, but it seems like you still managed to make the most of it, which is amazing! I’m heading out to Vienna next week so this post was the perfect inroduction for it!

    1. I can’t wait to read about your time in Vienna! It’s hard when there’s so many amazing things to see, but only a certain amount of time, but we did our best!

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