Atithi Indian Cuisine – The Best Indian Food in Brooklyn

Hi friends, welcome back! (Disclaimer: this post will cause hunger…you’ve been warned 🙂 ) A few weeks ago Atithi invited me to check out their new restaurant in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. They were recently featured in TimeOut as a new restaurant to check out, and I’m trying to expand my food horizon, so Jon and I found ourselves on the ferry to Brooklyn! I loved seeing the great views of the city from on the water.

Jon and I walked about fifteen minutes from the ferry port to Atithi and saw quite the stir outside the restaurant because the owner was giving away free samples. Almost everyone that passed by stopped for a bite, it made for great people watching during dinner. Who doesn’t love free samples ha!

Jon and I sat down right away and dove into the vast menu. I will confess that I had been a little hesitant to try an Indian restaurant because I wasn’t sure I’d love all the flavors. I grew up on chicken fingers and cinnamon toast, so Indian food is really branching out for me. This will be totally shocking to you all, but I didn’t even try real sushi until after college, and when I was a kid I would scrape the cheese and sauce off my pizza and just eat the bread!! With that atrocity in mind, we ordered on the milder side of the menu 🙂

Jon and I started by splitting the Atithi Special Platter. It included a vegetable samosa, chicken samosa, lamb spring roll & pakora. Everything on the platter tasted incredible and had the perfect amount of spice. Each delicious bite tasted so flavorful without being overwhelming.

My favorite was the lamb spring roll and chicken samosa! To be honest, Jon and I felt quite full after finishing this filling platter, I guarantee you won’t leave Atithi hungry!

For entrees, we ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Tandoori Chicken Tikka with a medium spice level and side of fluffy, garlic naan bread. Before the food arrived, the waitress pulled over another table so I knew a feast was on its way! Both entrees tasted so delicious and I’d highly recommend ordering both, you won’t be disappointed! They were very spicy and made our noses run a little, but not too spicy to cause discomfort. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to spice, but I loved this!


Jon and I sipped a creamy Mango Lassi to balance out the spice of our meal, it tasted so refreshing!

I wanted to try more menu items because I truly loved everything, but I literally could not fit one more bite in my stomach! Jon and I ate our leftovers the next day for lunch and it tasted just as savory as the night before. I noticed a lot of people grabbing takeout while we were dining, if Atithi was/ closer it would definitely be a takeout staple for us to add to our pizza and sushi rotation.

The cherry on top of this delicious meal was the incredible service and sincerity of the staff and our waitress. Our water glasses were always full and we always had a fresh napkin. The owner Ram is incredibly humble and so thankful for everyone who stops by. You can tell his passion and love for Atithi, and that was reflected by our whole dining experience. All in all, Jon and I had an incredible experience and equally delicious food, we’d highly recommend Atithi!! This was my first time eating at an Indian restaurant and now it definitely won’t be my last!



16 thoughts on “Atithi Indian Cuisine – The Best Indian Food in Brooklyn

    1. Haha yes it was – you know me well 😂 the leftovers were devoured after a ride ha!

  1. Nothing beats good Indian cuisine. You were right…it did make me hungry…and I just finished lunch. Thanks for sharing Lyssy. Allan

  2. This was quite an education in just one meal, Lyssy – thanks. My knowledge of Indian food is sparse. I know curry and Tikka Masala and that’s about it. Your plates looked wonderful with the colors and the variety of foods. Maybe I’ll have to try an Indian restaurant here in Colorado? Also, “… growing up on chicken fingers and cinnamon toast…” – humble beginnings for a self-proclaimed “foodie” 🙂

    1. I’ve come along way from my humble beginnings 🙂 I’d recommend trying an Indian restaurant, I realize I’d been missing out!

  3. I’m literally dribbling. We actually ate here when we visited and said it was some of the best Indian food we’ve ever eaten. I would love to come back and eat there again! 🙂

    1. You’ll definitely have to come back and eat there again if you need a break from all the pizza 🙂

  4. Oh Lyssy, now you’ve gone and done it. Indian food is my favourite world cuisine. Unfortunately, Serbia is a bit of a black hole when it comes to Indian food and I haven’t had a proper Indian feast in nearly a year. Wonderful photos as ever.

  5. I was forced to follow your site, ugh! Whatever article I choose there’s food!!!
    But images in this specific article make me want to eat butter chicken and freshly baked naan!!!

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